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20th Trombone Academy & Festival

20th Trombone Academy & Festival


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The 20th Trombone Academy & Festival

Date and time : March 16 (Sat) 13:00-21:00
March 17 (Sun) 10:00-18:00
Venue : Kita Ward, Takinogawa Kaikan
Kita-ku Takinokawa Kaikan

For event details and applications, please visit the Japan Trombone Association website.

The annual trombone festival "Trombone Academy & Festival" will be held again this year.

~ Approximately 10 groups from all over the country will perform enthusiastically at the "Festival Stage", a place for presentations aimed at a wide range of people from amateurs to professionals. ~

●Festival Stage Performing groups/individuals are very welcome!

Not only general students and members of society, but also music students and professionals can participate, so PR for future performance activities and solo recitals are also possible.

●Festival Stage Participation Fee

1 frame (15 minutes)…¥10,000 *Regardless of the number of performers
(*Entry groups will receive free admission tickets for the number of performers!)
(* 15 minutes includes time to enter and exit)

●Festival Stage Schedule

March 17 (Sun)
12:00-15:00 (planned)

● How to apply

We accept it by e-mail.
Please apply by email using the form below.

Festival stage details

▲ Click to link to the detailed page.

We look forward to receiving your application.

<Jorgen van Leijen special live admission fee>

Member: 2,500 yen (special discount) *Note 1

Non-member: 5,000 yen *Note 2

Click here to purchase tickets

<Festival admission fee>

Members: Admission free (membership card required)

Non-member: 3,000 yen *2

<Private lesson>

2,000 yen/person (40 minutes)

*Note 1 Advance reservations for special discounts for members are available on the Association website or Pro Arte Musice.

(Phone 03-3943-6677 or dedicated application form)

Please let us know your membership number and name.

*Note 2 For non-members, there is a set discount (7,000 yen) with the festival.

(Handled on the association website or Pro Arte Musice)


● Ensemble social gathering
An ensemble competition open to everyone to kick off the festival
Jorgen van Leyen special live
16:00 Start (15:30 Open) Main Hall
Member ¥2,500 Non-member ¥5,000 (separate ticket purchase required)
●Jazz/popular ensemble session night

●Warm-up course
Tenor trombone instructor Himeko Tsuji (Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra)
Bass Trombone Instructor Hiroki Mita (Freelance)

●Festival stage
A joint performance plan for all festival stage participants is also planned!!
2018 Contest Winners/Group Performance
●Piece of the Year
●Urban Marathon by Takaaki Hayakawa and Tomoki Mitsuka
●Basic practice, if you do it together, it won't be hard!
● "Brain and Body Performed by Alexander Technique Taku Sato"
We will introduce useful ideas based on music performance science (research that elucidates the mechanisms of the brain and body that perform)! Group lectures using actual musical instruments are also held.
●Takaaki Hayakawa's counseling session for all worries
A project in which multiple people, not individuals, gather together with several professional musicians to share their concerns, receive professional advice, and make something useful. Classical people who are interested in jazz are also welcome!
-Find a comfortable posture by Tsukasa Numata and play comfortably!
~ We also accept consultations ~
● All members ensemble