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Jorgen van Leyen / Fratres - Pärt & Bach [CD]

Jorgen van Leyen / Fratres - Pärt & Bach [CD]

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Jörgen van Rijen / Fratres - Pärt & Bach 

Works by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt

Arranged by Jörgen van Rijen

A new album containing concertos by JS Bach !


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[01] A. Pärt: Fratres - for trombone, string orchestra and percussion
[02]-[04] JS Bach: Concerto in D Minor BWV974
[05] A. Pärt: Our Heavenly Father - for trombone and string orchestra
[06]-[08] JS Bach: Concerto in D major BWV972
[09] A. Pärt: By the Babylon River - for trombone and chamber orchestra
[10]-[13] JS Bach: Concerto in C minor BWV981
[14] A. Pelt: Intermittent parallels - for clarinet, trombone and string orchestra