“Do parties come with surprises?!” Behind the scenes of birthdays vol.3

One week left until coming to Japan! The members of Munozir are also steadily preparing.

The other day, I received an email from the tuba player Wilfried, and he sent me some data and a comment saying, ``The song will be slightly changed.'' When you look inside...

It's changed so much! ! !

Wilfried looks proud
Wilfried looks proud

The title has also been updated to "Phoenix 'Autumn'".
They are also working hard to make the concert even better.

An additional comment said, ``Since it's a 30th anniversary party, there might be some surprises that aren't in the program!'' The content may change for each performance...? !

You can also reserve your seat by phone or with an electronic ticket. Be sure to get close to the stage for a spectacular performance!

looking forward to! ! !

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