"Don't be late to the party! Be healthy!" Behind the scenes of the birthday vol.2

Do not approach wild crocodiles

With two performances in Tokyo, Aichi, Nagasaki, and Osaka, the Munozir Brass group brings excitement and tears of laughter to the west and east.

The tour proceeds with safety first, but as a staff member, we don't want you to do anything unreasonable during your off-days.

But there's no way they're quiet...

Simon using a crocodile blood pressure monitor

"Please clean the stage thoroughly during the performance so that your suit doesn't get dirty."
I also received instructions.
Please don't get hurt until the end...!

"Phoenix" where you can expect powerful performance
Please enjoy your seat near the stage!

If you use electronic tickets or make a phone inquiry, you can also reserve your seat!
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Next time we look forward to! !

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