Ask the fans! What is the charm of Munozir Brass? [First part]

“Munotsil Brass 30th Anniversary Concert” is finally less than two weeks away from coming to Japan.

The best way to know its charm is to ask the fans! So, I asked M, a friend of mine (a Pro Arte employee) for 10 years, about its appeal.

Mr. M, who has been a die-hard Munozir fan since high school, is also a trombone enthusiast. We talked about a wide range of topics, from Munozir's pop fun to its deep appeal from a player's perspective.

Munozir Brass

Poster photo from 2019 “GOLD” visit to Japan

"They're coming back for the first time in four years."

——When did you hear about “Mnozil Brass”?

Mr. M: The first time I went to a concert was when I was in high school, and that's when I instantly became a fan. At that time, I was playing in a brass band, so I went there with about 5 of my friends.

——I heard that you also have an autograph.

Mr. M: I have it. I got it on CD at the first concert I went to. After that, I bought the DVD and have watched it over and over again. Well, it's best to see it live. It's good to see any performance live, but Munozir includes the performance.

"Performance and technique"

——What do you like about Munozir Brass?

Mr. M: Well, there are a lot of things, but I guess the most important thing is playing .

——M-kun is also a trombone enthusiast, but is it different from your point of view as a player?

Mr. M: That's right. It goes without saying, but they're all stupidly good. It's about performance. Well, the performance is really good, so I'm paying attention to that, but the playing is also not bad at all.

——I heard that you are going with your brother this time. Does your brother also play an instrument?

Mr. M: No, my brother doesn't play musical instruments. However, I am interested in music, and I think Munozir is the perfect introduction to concerts like that. It has a pop feel to it, and it's interesting as entertainment.

——What is your favorite performance?

Mr. M: The first one I saw was good, but I think I like the Olympic one .

『Olympic Medley』

olympic medley

*A dramatization of the Olympics, from the torch relay to various competitions.

——That slow motion

Mr. M: Yes, we fought each other.


Mr. M: (lol) Yes, that.
Also, I like Lonely Boy . I think everyone likes that.

『Lonely Boy』

lonely boy

*A program in which Leonhard Paul plays four instruments simultaneously.

——I would like to ask Mr. M, a trombone player, something. In "Hungarian Schnapsodie"...

Mr. M: Wait a minute, it's been a long time since we met, so let's have a drink.


...We'll bring you the second half tomorrow!

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