"We're almost 30 years old!" Behind the scenes of our birthday vol.1

Hello everyone 🥳

“Munotsil Brass 30th Anniversary” is finally approaching next month!
I think there are many members who are looking forward to it.

We would like to introduce you to a little bit behind the scenes of this performance, which still has many secrets!

This visit to Japan marks the 30th anniversary of Munozil, and "Phoenix" will be unveiled for the first time in Japan.

What kind of preparations are they making for this performance, which still has many mysteries?

The other day, we received a list of things that everyone from Munozir would like us to prepare for the tour.

The hotel is 4 stars or higher, there are at least 4 rehearsal rooms for warming up, and the catering is sure to include beer, prosecco, and chilled wine... They may be selfish, but they also wrote things like this.

Carrot: 1 (a big one!!)
Also a bucket (color is free)

Two people fooling around on tour
*Roman and Leonhardt fooling around behind the scenes of the tour

...What kind of performance will it have?

"Phoenix" unveiled for the first time in Japan! looking forward to! ! !

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