Ask the fans! What is the charm of Munozir Brass? [Part 2]

“Munotsil Brass 30th Anniversary Concert” is finally less than two weeks away from coming to Japan.

The best way to know its charm is to ask the fans! So, I asked M, a friend of mine (a Pro Arte employee) for 10 years, about its appeal.

This is the second half of the interview!

"Munozir from the perspective of a brass enthusiast"

——… The beer at this shop is quite delicious.

Mr. M: Delicious. Pizza is good too. Everything is delicious.

--Now, let's get back to the interview.
There's a scene where Zoltan showers Leonhard with "water from inside a trombone slide," but isn't that dirty?

Leonhard crawling towards you

Mr. M: It's really dirty . (Laughs) It's so dirty that I don't want to talk about it while eating. (lol)
However, the technique of storing that much amount in a slide is amazing. It's a technique I don't use anywhere else.

Baptism of Zoltan

Mr. M: Munozir does some pretty extreme things , so I've heard that other professional players got angry when they saw him. Leonhard or Gerhard (or Zoltan) often drags their instruments around.

——Will the instrument be damaged or the sound change?

Mr. M: Well, I will. Even if you fix the dent, the sound will change. However, I think that what he said in an interview somewhere , ``The player is the master and the instrument is the slave,'' is surprisingly important. Especially in Japan, they treat musical instruments with great care, and it's good to take care of them, but the master's mindset is not to match the instrument, but to make the instrument produce a good sound. I think it's very important above.

--There are also other changes, such as Thomas Gansch's trumpet, but does that affect the sound quality?

Mr. M: I'm not an expert on trumpet, but I think it's quite different. I think it was a custom-made model called a Ganschhorn , made in collaboration with a music store, but you can mute it with one hand, and the bell faces upwards, so the sound goes that way. Also, since the curved portion of the tube increases, the sound becomes mellower, like a flugelhorn.

Gansch Horn

Mr. M: There is also a trombone model with the bell pointing 90 degrees upwards for jazz use, and I think the difference between brass instruments and orchestral string instruments is that they have this kind of evolution or diversity.

"Extra edition, about Septura"

Mr. M: It seems that Septura is coming in November, are you in charge of that as well?

--I am doing. Have you heard about Septura?

Mr. M: Last time I came to Japan, I went to Kyoto to listen . At that time, it was a very cool program and I liked it, but I wonder what it will be like this time.

——For this visit to Japan, we have a lineup of major Christmas-focused songs such as “The Nutcracker.”

Mr. M: I like the Nutcracker! The septura is also traditional and has a really nice sound , and the arrangement for brass is also really nice .
Also, I got excited when I heard that Peter Moore (trombone) was joining the lineup. I had it the last time I came to Japan, and it was by far the best.

peter moore

peter moore

--Please look forward to it.

Mr. M: Of course. Beer too.

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