a cappella

Established in 1984 . A super popular gospel group that has performed more than 2000 concerts so far .


Kevin Schaffer (Hitenor)

Barry Wilson (lead)

Gary Evans (bass)

Steve Maxwell (baritone)

The history of "a cappella" dates back to when founder Keith Lancaster attended West Virginia Theological Seminary. Keith was in the school's a cappella choir at the time and was touring across the United States. He quickly demonstrated his talent, composing, arranging, and earning the admiration of those around him. Keith has composed and arranged Christmas songs, and those songs have earned a reputation among audiences for their ability to move hearts, lift the hearts of depressed people, and openly accept non-Christians into their hearts. Keith says, "There was a revelation from God to form a gospel group, 'Acapella'." Keith himself retired from the stage in 1988 and devoted himself to composition and arrangement, but a cappella still retains the pure charm of its inception. The tension and communication with the audience, and finally the sense of unity with the audience, evokes a great impression. Recording is also popular, CD sales exceed 3 million copies.

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