A beautiful singing voice that is said to be a Baltic jewel

A women's choir in Riga, Latvia, founded in 1947. Since 1959, it has been under the guidance of Conductor Laureate Auzma Derkevica, who has held the title of "People's Conductor of the Republic of Latvia". It is one of the top choirs in Latvia with a high level of choral singing, and was awarded the country's title "People's Choir" in 1960 and "The Merited People's Choir" in 1964.

Many international choral competition Grand Prix winners and winners. At events such as the Fano (Italy) Music Festival and the Icelandic 50th Anniversary of Independence Music Festival in Reykjavík, his performance had such an impact that it is still talked about to this day. He has recorded countless radio broadcasts. He has also produced numerous albums, and all of his CDs recorded since 1989 have been well received. The repertoire is wide-ranging, from Renaissance music to folk songs and contemporary music, and world-class composers have provided many works for the choir.

Jintalus means "amber" which is a special product of the country.

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