Ensemble Salzburg

On the memorable Mozart Year of 2006, together with actor Toru Watanabe, a completely new concert using Mozart's letters was well received. We will develop a new classical concert with an attractive plan.

Ensemble Salzburg (Piano Quartet / Austria)

Members: Violin: Lisa Schuchter

Flute: Bernhard Krabatsch

Cello: Geremy Findlay

Piano: Elena Braslavsky

An ensemble that is currently attracting the most attention in Europe, born in Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, by four musicians who are highly acclaimed as soloists. The Salzburg Castle concert and the concert at Leopoldskron Castle showed the artistry of this ensemble. In the upcoming season he is invited to the European Summer of Culture in Salzburg and elsewhere, the Summer of Culture in Attergau and concerts in Schlotilisburg. Also, collaborations with popular actors Christoph von Friedl and Raphael Schfter, a willingness to combine text and music, and to interpret the lives of composers such as Mozart (e.g. through the composer's own letters). We are creating a series of unique plans.

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