Belgian brass ensemble

An ever-changing ensemble consisting of 13 talented and strong people.
With precise techniques and rich nuances,
Satisfy the tastes and musical curiosities of any audience.

Belgian Brass Ensemble Ensemble de Cuivres de Belgique The Belgian brass ensemble consists of 13 talented and strong players: 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 2 horns, 1 tuba and 2 percussionists. Graduated from one of Belgium's leading conservatories, the elite who are active in famous orchestras gather to share their passion for music. With a strong bond and passion, they are always working on fresh and highly artistic projects, working hard to spread brass instruments and their own music.

The Belgian Brass Ensemble concerts offer an ever-changing range of ensembles, from brass quintets and trobon quartets to large brass ensembles. It is a concert where you can enjoy rich nuances, a wide range of tones, and highly sensitive musicality.

From Bach to Shostakovich, Piazzolla and film scores, he boasts an extremely wide repertoire that satisfies the tastes and musical curiosities of all audiences.



Antoine Aquist Lead trumpet, trumpet Eb

Wallony Royal Theater trumpet soloist and section leader. He teaches at the Namur Conservatory of Music (IMEP).

Philippe Ranallo Trumpet, flugelhorn

Liège Philharmonic Orchestra trumpet player. He teaches at the Namur Conservatory of Music (IMEP).

Michael Tambour Piccolo trumpet, trumtet, flugelhorn

Solo trumpet player of Belgian Guide Symphony Orchestra.

Julian Lenz Trumpet, flugelhorn

He teaches at the Charleroi Conservatory of Music in the trumpet department. He also teaches at the music schools of Nivelles, Liège and Fleulus.


Pascal Moreau French horn

Belgian Air Force military band solo horn player. Taught musical interpretation and transposition at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Mons. He also teaches at the music school in Feigny, France.

Etienne Mayet French horn

Wallony Royal Theater solo horn player.


Gerard Evrard Tenor trombone, euphonium

Liège Philharmonic Orchestra trombone soloist. Taught trombone and tuba at the Royal Conservatoire of Liège.

Thierry Istaz Tenor trombone

Trombonist of the Belgian Air Force Band.

Robin Lanchard Tenor trombone

Belgian Guide Symphonic Wind Orchestra trombonist. Teaches tenor trombone at the Namur Conservatoire (IMEP).

Josquin Chauffard Bass trombone

Belgian Air Force band bass trombonist.


Karl Delval Tuba

Liège Philharmonic Orchestra solo tuba player.


Eleonor Cavaliere Xylophone, timpani, accessory

Belgian Guide symphony brass band percussionist. Taught at the Royal Academy of Music in Mons.

Stephane Ruth Drums, cojon, accessory

Belgian naval band saxophonist. He teaches at the Tournai Conservatory.

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