Fabrice Mirichet

A first-ever feat that neither Sloker nor Becke could achieve!
Winner of the Munich International Music Competition on trombone (2007)
A young rookie leaping into the world!

The way he freely unfolded with outstanding technique was truly a masterpiece, and it was said that he was a rare talent, including his robustness as a brass player.

■ Ongaku no Tomo March 2013 issue

Winner of the Munich International Music Competition. He is one of the most talented trombonists active today, and is highly praised as the most accomplished musician. He won at the young age of 28, and was the first trombone winner since the competition began in 1950.

Born in 1985 into a musical family, he began studying music early in Toulouse. From the beginning, he studied piano, cello, and trombone at the same time, and in high school, he demonstrated extraordinary talent, winning competitions in all fields. Graduated from the Toulouse Regional Conservatory with the highest score in the graduation exam. Later, he studied trombone at the Lyon Conservatoire under Michel Becquet, Alain Manfranc, and Sackbut under Daniel LaSalle.

In 2006, he formed the trombone quartet "Cartoborn" with trombonists Aurélien Honoré, Jean-Philippe Navre, and Fabien Dorny, and has been active under the concept of expressing the evolution of the trombone from baroque to the present day. activities continue.

He has performed with Le Concert des Nations, led by Jordi Savart, Le Sacboutier de Toulouse, led by Daniel LaSalle and Jean-Pierre Canillac, and the Insula Orchestra, led by Laurence Échilbay.

He has also performed with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, the State Hermitage Symphony Orchestra of Russia, the Capitol National Orchestra of Toulouse, the Cannes Orchestra, and the National Orchestra of Ukraine. He has given solo recitals around the world, including Washington, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Munich, Geneva, and Paris.He has also been invited to many international music festivals, including the Eastern Trombone Workshop (ETW), the Brass Music Festival Epsibal, He has performed at various wind instrument festivals such as Dombes and Limoux (France).

Former principal player of the Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern Deutsche Radio Philharmonic Orchestra.

He is also active in contemporary music, and works for Mirichet include Jean Guillou's "Concerto for Trombone and Brass Ensemble", Etienne Perchon's "Libretto", Alain Celo's "L'appel sauvage", Patrick・Burga “La chute de Lucifer” (The fall of Lucifer) and many others.

He won the 2005 Budapest International Trombone Competition, the 2006 Toulouse Baroque Trombone Competition, and the 2007 Munich International Trombone Competition. Since 2009, he has participated in the program "Déclic" for young musicians, and in the same year he was awarded a silver medal by the Academy of Arts and Culture. In 2011, he was the first trombonist to win the Révélation soliste instrumental (Best Young Musician Award) at France's largest music award, "Victoires de la Musique". In the same year, he won the Charles Cross Academy Award.

Although he is young, he is good at teaching, and since 2008 he has been teaching at the Paul Dukas Conservatory in Paris, and since 2009 he has been a professor at the Saar College of Music. This made him the youngest professor in Germany. In addition, he is regularly invited to give masterclasses in France, Europe, and around the world, including Washington, Beijing, and Quebec. In 2013, he became a professor at the Freiburg University of Music, a professor at the Paris Conservatoire, and in 2020 a visiting professor at the Elisabeth University of Music. Currently, as an artist for Antoine Courtois, he uses the Legend 420 NSBHST.

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