Flumo Saxophone Quartet

Four entertainers unfolding with beautiful tones and light rhythms!

Formed in 1979. The four soloists, Jean-Yves Fourmaux, Pierrick Lemain, Stéphane Laporte, and Joel Bateau, all graduated with first prize from the Paris Conservatoire, and they will use their outstanding talents to perform as a quartet. It has been highly regarded as one of the best chamber music groups in the world. With its wide repertoire ranging from classical to blues, film music, and ragtime, its stage performances and rarely seen high-quality performances make it a sought-after performer at various music festivals. Many contemporary composers have dedicated works to the quartet. He continues to be active not only in France but also overseas, recording CDs, appearing on TV and radio, master classes, concerts, etc., and has received an enthusiastic response.

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