Lee Salonisti

That emotion comes back to life! ! The salon musicians who continued to play music on the sinking ship in the blockbuster movie "Titanic." A number of unskilled masterpieces such as "Titanic" and "The Pianist on the Sea" are played at their best!

Salon musicians known as ``I Salonisti'' are attracting the most attention of this century. No, he had long been famous in various parts of Europe as a leading figure in salon music with his well-established sound, pun and irony. At the film festival in Switzerland, he has worked on a series of new and interesting projects, such as co-starring with Chaplin's silent film and live music, and co-starring with a new ballet. Their appearance in the movie "Titanic" (1998) has garnered even more worldwide attention.

Salon music had been played since the late 19th century in cafes in Vienna, hotels in Venice, nightclubs in Berlin, and tango halls in Buenos Aires. Such salons invited people to a moment of peace in an atmosphere cut off from the outside world. Painters and poets such as Lautrec and Marlamet influenced each other, and this had a great influence on the music of various composers such as Brahms, Satie, and N. Rotha. I Salonisti's music is a genuine salon ensemble. Through concerts, they are trying to revive a cultural lifestyle that was historically neglected during the heyday of the salon. The unique taste of their music, their performance interpretations, their musicality, their sharp senses, and their high level of ability have long been praised and become a hot topic throughout Europe. In addition, the ensemble has a huge repertoire of over 10,000 songs, ranging from pure classical to popular, tango, folk songs from various regions, film music, and even Disney medleys. Let it happen. The various pieces of music played with a sophisticated rhythm are sometimes full of heart-lifting joy and a refreshing sense of dynamism, and at other times, they are full of the dandyism of the end of the 20th century, with a sweet expression and always providing something new to enjoy. I'll give it to you. And what is always flowing at the root of this is a warm message and human charm. It creates a comfortable atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

Even in the movie "Titanic", the atmosphere of the hall was greatly livened up, and at the end, he played the role of the musicians who remained on the sinking ship and continued to play music until the very end. In the end, what saves a person's heart is not money or things, but the heart. It was a role that was typical of them, wanting to convey that through music.

Their performance in Japan. The excitement of the Titanic comes back to life. From nostalgic movie music to beautiful classical ensembles, his wide repertoire and splendid performances captivate the audience with freshness.

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