Janáček Chamber Orchestra

His meticulous songwriting has been praised around the world.

The energy of the entire ensemble burns, creating a strong ethnic impact.

Accuracy of technique and sophisticated, intelligent performance...the quality of chamber music is determined by this. All of the members of the Janáček Chamber Orchestra, led by Zdeněk Deimek, are skilled musicians, and the chamber music performed by them is truly the real pleasure of an ensemble and has a deep musicality that cannot but convince the listener.

Since this ensemble was formed in 1964, it has toured throughout Europe, including Poland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, England, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy, and has received extremely high praise. He has been invited to perform at famous music festivals in Toledo, Iceland, Canary, Louisiana, Munich, etc., including the Prague Spring Music Festival and the Janacek May Festival. He has also made numerous recordings for Supraphone, Pantone, Ricordi, RCA, and JVC, and has been featured on television and radio broadcasts around the world. In 1979, 1981, 1984, and 1986, they toured the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, etc. to introduce the works of Czechoslovakia, their home country, to the world, and the number of tours exceeded 100. It also contributes to musical cultural exchange.

The sound of their ensemble has a refined beauty that contains the melancholy characteristic of Czech stringed instruments. And it is their important element that is essential to any work, from baroque to classical to contemporary music, and makes the audience hypnotized. This is his third visit to Japan following 1996.

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