London Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet

The sound of the world's highest peak. Traditional London Hibiki sound!

Britain's premier London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) celebrated its 100th anniversary. Elgar, one of the most important composers in British history, was once the conductor, and Abbado, Davis, and since 2007 Gergiev have been appointed to the post. The leaders of the brass section, which is the core of the LSO sound, are finally coming to Japan. The popularity of the LSO sound is exceptional, even in England, where the world-famous brass bands such as the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble and the London Brass are thriving.

The brilliant sound that the name "Brilliant Sound" tells us shows a unique view of the world among the many orchestras in the world, and it has left many masterpieces not only in classical music but also in film music. Recently, his performances have been delivered to millions and tens of millions of audiences around the world through "Star Wars Episode III" and "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". He launched LSO LIVE ahead of the world's orchestras, started his own non-commercial art distribution, recorded the world's highest sales as an orchestra's independent label, and often ranked first in the number of classical music downloads on iTunes. Ranked. The world's first London Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet has already received high expectations from all quarters and is sure to attract a great deal of attention in 2009.

Organization brass quintet


Philipp Cobb Principal of the London Symphony Orchestra

Nigel Gomm


Dudley Bright Principal of the London Symphony Orchestra


David Pyatt, Principal of the London Symphony Orchestra


Patrick Harrild Principal of the London Symphony Orchestra

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