† Maurice Andre

The monster of the 20th century, The King of Trumpets!

Born in Ares, Southern France. Known as the "King of Trumpets". I started studying music when I was 18. He learned the basics from his father and soon became an extraordinary talent, entering the Paris Conservatoire. In the first year, he was recommended as a cornet player and won first prize for trumpet. At the age of 20, he was honored as principal player of the French Academy of Music, the most prestigious in the country. After working as a jazz musician, he joined the Lamoureux Orchestra and the National Orchestra as a soloist. After that, he continued his international career with Athens, Vienna and Salzburg. In 1955, he won the Geneva International Competition, and in 1963, he won the International Competition for Radio Stations during the Federal Republic of Germany. At the age of 33, he became a professor at the Paris Conservatoire. His talent is highly acclaimed all over the world. His unrivaled solid performance skills and charismatic personality and music are a charm that everyone can't help but admire, and he is lavished with praise. His performance is full of charm, with his amazingly precise playing technique and elegant clear tone.

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