Vienna Schoenbrunn Palace Theater

"Beautiful World Heritage Sites" Gorgeous and beautiful " Vienna summer traditions " finally come to Japan!

' Waltz King ' left by J. Strauss II

The best masterpiece of the Vienna operetta golden age "Batman"

"Vienna Schönbrunn Palace Theater" conveys the glory of the Habsburg dynasty to the present.

Even today in the 21st century, it continues to act as one of the leading theaters in Vienna, and its operettas have received the highest acclaim in the world. In particular, "Die Fledermaus", which is performed only in summer, attracts operetta fans all over the world with a gorgeous cast from the Vienna State Opera and the Volksoper in the off-season. The dream stage that could only be experienced in summer in Vienna is finally coming to Japan! !

From the performance in 2008

"A most sensitive performance"

〜In a theater with the atmosphere of the Habsburg dynasty, the ensemble performed this work freshly, lively and happily, and the audience went wild〜

Der Standard (Der Standard) dated July 16, 2008 (Wednesday)

"Performance that captures the hearts of the audience"

~ There is a consistent theme throughout the three acts of Johann Strauss's operetta, which greatly entertained the audience and left them feeling suspenseful, thrilled, and at the same time happy! ~

Wiener Zeitung (Tuesday, July 15, 2008)

"Remarkable 'Bat'"

〜Where else can you enjoy Viennese music in a real palace atmosphere? General director Martin Turba has introduced operettas as appropriate for our times, rather than as the traditional cheesy show for tourists.

Die Presse dated July 14, 2008 (Monday)

"A bat worth seeing"

〜The chorus and orchestra of the Schoenbrunn Palace Theater, conducted by Herbert Mogg, performed lively music and received applause from the audience〜

KURIER (clear paper) dated July 13, 2008 (Sun)

"The Bat that impressed the audience"

~ Herbert Mogg conducts the orchestra of the Palazzo Theatre, at just the right tempo, and successfully draws out the mood of the operetta and the lightness of the waltz. Volker Vogel's rendition was very solid and detailed~

Kronenzeitung dated July 18, 2008 (Friday)

〜Schönbrunn Palace Theater〜

A dream palace theater that tells the history of the Habsburgs, who were at their peak of prosperity

Loved by Empress Maria Theresa,

A gorgeous spectacle enjoyed by Antoinette as a child !

Schoenbrunn Palace is located about 5 km west of the center of Vienna. It started as a summer residence of the Habsburg family at the end of the 17th century, and after being expanded and renovated by successive emperors, it was lavishly renovated in the 18th century to become the residence of Empress Maria Theresa (reigned: 1740-80). It became today's gorgeous appearance. Maria Theresa painted the outer wall yellow instead of gold in consideration of her financial situation, so it is characterized by a pale yellow color called "Theresa Yellow". The total number of rooms is 1,441, and the length of both wings is 180m.

Among the Habsburgs who were familiar with theater, Maria Theresia, who highly valued theater from the standpoint of raising the level of education of the people, ordered the construction of a full-fledged theater in the palace. Construction began in 1745 and was completed in 1747. It is one of the oldest existing theaters in Vienna. The Empress loved the theater and told the court theater director, ``We need a spectacle. Said to have revealed The famous anecdote that six-year-old Mozart, who was invited to the palace, proposed to the young Marie Antoinette also happened here. In the 19th century, it served as the headquarters of two Napoleonic reigns, and was also the site of the famous Congress of Vienna, where the famous "Congress dances but does not proceed". It was also in this palace that Franz Joseph I, the last de facto Emperor of Austria, died.

This theater, called 'Teatro Schoenbrunn', has an egg-shaped plan, similar to a typical Italian-style theater with box seats, with a central audience seat surrounded by box seats and galleries, and a dome-shaped roof. A coffered ceiling is painted on the ceiling, and in the sky of the picture are figures symbolizing art, science and wealth, and the goddess Fama with the trumpet praising the empress's fame.

After Maria Theresia's time, only construction work was done to protect the facility, and the appearance of the building remains the same as it was then.

The Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens were registered as a World Heritage Site in 1996, and are now visited by 6.7 million people a year, conveying the splendor and people of the magnificent Habsburg Empire for centuries.

There are two summer traditions in this palace. One is the concert of the Vienna Philharmonic in the baroque garden of the palace. The other is an operetta performed at the Palace Theater. A dream palace where you can enjoy classic Viennese operettas in an 18th-century opulent atmosphere. The Vienna State Opera and the Volksoper are off season in the summer, so the superb Vienna operetta with a gorgeous cast continues to fascinate operetta fans around the world.

Conductor: Robert Zeltzer

Orchestra: Vienna Schoenbrunn Palace Theater Orchestra

Chorus: Vienna Schoenbrunn Palace Theater Chorus

Chorus Master: Thomas Becher

Directed by: Volker Vogel

Scenography: Dietrich Graepmer

Choreography: Susanne Kirnbauer


  • Gabriel Eisenstein



Wolfgang VEITH

  • Rosalind

Elisabeth FLECL


  • Alfredo


Hristofot YONOV

  • Prince Orlovsky

Jochen Kowalski

Elisabeth LANG


  • Adele

Heidi Wolf

Mariana Garci-CRESPO Mariana GARCI-CRESPO

  • Dr. Falke

Alfred BERG


  • Frank (Prison Warden)



  • Dr. Blindt (notary public)


Oliver Stitch

  • Frosch (Jailer)


  • Ida


Jochen Kowalski (countertenor) [Duke Orlovsky]

God's voice ... a miraculously beautiful voice that combines splendor and strength

A treasure of the countertenor who boasts tremendous popularity

Jochen Kowalski (countertenor)

Jochen Kowalski, counter tenor

A modern-day countertenor who enjoys a spectacular reputation.

Since 1983 he has been a member of the ensemble of the Berlin Komische Oper, where he has played many leading roles with H. Kupfer and A. Piravaci, achieving great success. Beginning with German opera houses, the Vienna State Opera, and the Volksoper Wien, he has swept the world's theaters since the 1990s, including the Paris Opera, the Royal Opera House in England, and a 25-year contract with the Metropolitan Opera in New York. As a countertenor, he boasts an extremely wide repertoire, and not only baroque operas, but also Monteverdi, Handel, Gluck, and Mozart's oratorios have enthralled audiences around the world. It is handed down as a famous performance that will remain in history. In addition, Rimsky-Korsakov's "The Golden Rooster" in alto voice, The Astrologer, Olga Neuwirth's "Hommage to Klaus Nomi", etc., have left outstanding performances of even higher artistry. In November 2009, Schubert's Lieder Cyclus and "Winter Journey", and in February 2010, Johannes Karitzke's latest opera at the Theater an der Wien are attracting a great deal of attention. He has given concerts of various songs from classical to baroque, jazz and swing, and has appeared at many international music festivals. Moscow Konzertmetropolen, St. Petersburg, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris, London, Vienna, Prague, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Salzburg Festival, etc., and performances in various parts of the world, especially in Japan, are extremely popular. He has appeared on numerous TV programs, has released many CDs and DVDs, and has achieved great success in collaborations with famous conductors and directors. In 2004, for his artistic achievements, he was awarded the highest order, the Berlin State Order of Merit, by his home state of Berlin. sula SZAMEIT

Volker Vogel, direction

Directed by world-famous tenor singers,

The ultimate "bat" that emits its original brilliance

Volker Vogel (director)

Volker Vogle, stage director

Born in Karlsruhe, Germany. One of the world's leading tenor singers. After graduating from the Hanover Music School, he has been active at the Hanover National Theater since 1975. After working at Hildesheim Stadttheater, Dortmund Stadttheater, Freiburgtheater, and Vienna Volksoper, she joined the Zurich Opera in 1991. "The Magic Flute" conducted by G. Solti at La Scala, 1992 "Fidelio" debuted at the Bavarian State Opera as Jaquino, 1992 Cv Dohnányi conducted/Cleveland Orchestra, 1993 Arnoncourt musical director "Coronation of Poppea", "The Magic Flute" (directed by J. Schaaf/conducted by B. Haitink) at the Salzburg Festival, and in 1996 he participated in the production of Tristan and Isolde (directed by A. Everding, conducted by L. Maazel) at Melot in the opening production of the Prinzregenten Theater in Munich. In 1997, he made his debut at the Hamburg State Opera with Bardolfo in Falstaff (directed by MA Marelli and conducted by G. Albrecht). 1999 at Opera Ireland "Elektra" Herodes, Duke Shuisky, "Katya Kabanova" Tikhon, Barcelona Liceu Theater, Vienna State Opera, Lirico Theater, Geneva Grand Theatre, Kassel National Theatre, Vestens Theater, Royal Albert He has made guest appearances around the world, including at the Hall, Frankfurt Oper, Blossom Festival, Bregenz Festival, and Taormina Festival. In 2009, he played the lead drummer in Wozzeck, a joint production by the New National Theater and the Bavarian State Opera. In recent years, he has also been active as a director, working on many works at Ulm City Theater, Bad Ischur City Theater, Vienna Schoenbrunn Palace Theater, etc. In 2007, he established a theater/vocal academy with Av Grenk, and the inaugural performance was a great success. He also participated in the production of The Ring of the Nibelung in Zurich, directed by R. Wilson and conducted by F. Welser-Möst.

Robert Zelzer , conductor 

Born 1967 in Vienna. Enrolled in the Vienna Boys Choir and active as a soloist. Studied bassoon with Camilo Ehrberger at the University of Music in Vienna. After studying school music and instrumental studies, he graduated in 1988 with an award for excellence from the Austrian Federation. Since 1990, he has studied conducting under K. Österreicher, U. Lajovic, L. Hager, and W. Sobotka, as well as M. Jansons and N. Harnoncourt. Conductor of the Amstetten Symphony Orchestra from 1991 to 1998, second conductor of the Concentus Vocalis from 1990 to 1995. Since January 1994, he has performed at the 150th anniversary celebration concert as music director of the Vienna Musikverein Orchestra Society, and received high acclaim. Music director of Johann Strauss Capelle since 1998. In 2000 and 2001, he gave New Year's Concerts with the Siena Camerata Orchestra and founded the Fox Aeterna Choir in January of the same year.

Peter Edelmann , baritone

[Gabriel von Eisenstein]

Born in Austria. Studied at the University of Music in Vienna. In 1989, he won six special prizes including the Mozart Prize at the Belvedere International Competition, and made his debut at the Hamburg State Opera. Since 1990, at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Papageno in The Magic Flute, Wolfram in Tannhäuser, Valentin in Faust, Marcello in La Boheme, Figaro in The Marriage of Figaro, and William Tell in William Tell. And so on. Dresden State Opera, Munich Opera, Vienna Volksoper, Vienna State Opera, Graz Opera, Mervisch Lake Festival, Zurich Opera, La Palmas Spain, Stockholm Royal Opera, New Israel Opera, San Sebastian International Music Festival, Liege Wallony Royal Opera, Macao International Music Festival, Monet Theatre, Prague State Opera, La Fenice Theater and other major European cities such as Paris and Berlin, as well as the United States, South America, and Japan. Conductors such as L. Foster, F. Reyer, J. Delacourt, C. Thielemann, RF de Burgos, J. Cout, B. Weill, R. Weikert, L. Harger, F. Welser-Möst, JE Gardiner, etc. He has performed with directors such as G. Friedrich, G. Kramer, H. Mattiasek, and W. Decker.

Roman Lauder , tenor

[Gabriel von Eisenstein]

Born 1979 in Vienna. At the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, she started out as a basstuba performer, and eventually learned solo singing under J. Conwell. Studied under F. Lukasovsky and E. Coelho at the Vienna City Conservatory. He soon began performing at the Vienna Chamber Opera, Stadttheater Baden, Theater an der Wien, Zurich and Geneva. "Tosca" Cavaradossi/Spoletta, "Jester" Beppe, "Hansel and Gretel" witches, Millecker "Beggar student", "Polish Temperament", "Vienna Temperament" Josef, "Batman" Alfredo, Eisenstein, etc. .

Wolfgang Veith, tenor

[Gabriel von Eisenstein]

Born in Vienna. As a child, he was a member of the Vienna Boys Choir. Studied with E. Coelho at the Vienna Opera Conservatoire, graduating in 2004. He then studied under C. Koch. While still a student, she has performed at the Salzburg Festival, the Vienna Arts Week, the Stiriarte Festival, the Vienna State Opera, the Vienna Volksoper, and the Vienna State Opera Choir Concert Association. After making his operatic debut at Baden Stadttheater, he appeared frequently in the Vienna Neue Oper conducted by W. Kobera. The 2009 season includes H. Birtwistle's The Last Supper, Apostle Andrew, Taipei National Theatre, Zwolle Chamber Music Festival, Vienna Konzerthaus, Neuburg Chamber Opera, as well as the Szczecin Theater, Bad Hall Operetta Festival, Vienna.・There are many operetta appearances at the Jugendstil Theater. Appeared in many concerts in Japan, Taipei, New York and Europe.

Elisabeth Flechl , soprano


Born in Austria. Studied opera, song, and oratorio at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna under K. Eckwirz, D. Marion-Neuholt, W. Berry, H. Reiter, and H. Pry. 1989 Austrian Young Musician of the Year Award. In 2001, he made his debut at the Vienna Volksoper with Rosalinde in "The Bat". The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute, The Turn of the Screw, Viennese Temperament, The Land of Smiles, The Merry Widow, Maritza the Count's Daughter, Charles The Queen of Dasch, etc., has performed at the Vienna Volksoper, Graz Opera, Salzburg State Opera, Klagenfurt Stadttheater, Baden Stadttheater, Theater an der Wien, etc. He has given many concerts at the Lied and Oratorio, and has been well received in European countries, Japan and Australia. His repertoire includes Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Handel, Oratorio, Symphony, Brahms' German Requiem, Orff's "Carmina Burana" and more. Active as a main cast of the Vienna Volksoper.

Sabina Zapior , soprano


Born in Warsaw. At the age of 6, she joined the boys and girls choir of the Warsaw State Opera. Graduated from the Frédéric Chopin Academy of Music in 2007. Currently studying under H.Lazarska and L.Spitzer at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, and also under the guidance of E.Gruberova. He has won competitions in 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands), Vienna, Milan (AsLiCo), Poland, etc., and has been invited to the Music Festival for Young Musicians (St. Active in opera since the age of 17, in the 2002-2003 season, he toured abroad with Adele at the Polish National Opera "Die Fledermaus", and performed "Viva La Mamma" at the Vienna Schoenbrunn Palace Theater and at the St. Flute "Queen of the Night, Braunau City Theater "Batman" Adele, Legnica State Theater "Magic Flute" Queen of the Night, Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts Studio "Telephone" Lucy, "Abduction from the Inner Palace" Blonde/Constanze, "Rigoletto" Gilda , “Carmen” Frasquita, “Batman” Rosalinde, and many appearances at the Vienna State Opera Gala Concert in Japan.

Valeriy Serkin , tenor


Born in Ukraine, studied at the Moscow Conservatory. 1991-94 at the Stanislavsky Theater: "Evgeny Onegin" Lensky, "The Barber of Seville" Count Almaviva, etc. Since 1993 at the Vienna Kammeroper "The Silk Ladder" Dorville, "Four Countrymen" Philippeto , Werther, Lensky at Innsbruck in 1995, Leonard at the Concertgebouw, Mozart and Salieri at Lausanne in 1996, and King Arthus at the Bregenz Festival. Since making his American debut at the West Palm Beach Opera, he has performed regularly in the United States. In 1997, he performed in Stabat Mater in Hamburg and at the Mozart Schoenbrunn Festival in Vienna. Orléans girl in Strasbourg Raimondo, Düsseldorf Opera resident singer 1999-2002, Paris National Opera "War and Peace" 2000-01, Tour Grand Theater, Avignon Don Giovanni・Ottavio sings the title role of "Russian Crown Prince" at the Lehar Festival. He has performed at the Chatelet Theater Lyon National Opera, Amsterdam, Budapest, La Monnaie Theater, Düsseldorf and many others. Co-starred with M. Viotti, J. Tate, K. Nagano, A. Fischer, G. Rozhdestvensky, Y. Temirkanov, G. Bertini, V. Jurowski, M. Minkowski.

Hristofor Yonov , tenor


Born in Bulgaria. 2005 Graduated from the Vienna City Conservatory. Studied under E. Gruberova, S. Jerusalem, F. Araiza, R. Jimenez, F. Luigi, O. Schenk and others. After making her operatic debut with Cavaradossi in "Tosca" while still a student, she performed at the Prinzregenten Theater in Munich (with D. Stahl and S. Jerusalem), Bregenz Festspielhaus "Madame Butterfly" with C. Eberl, with G. Tich, etc. in Vienna. He has performed at the State Opera, the Vienna Volksoper, La Scala, the Metropolitan Opera, the San Francisco Opera, and the Prague State Opera. "The Magic Flute" Tamino, "Don Giovanni" Don Ottavio, "Italian Woman in Algiers" Lindoro, "Nabucco" Ismaele, "Otello" Cassio, "Evgeny Onegin" Lensky, "Viva La Mamma" Guglielmo, "Manon" Knight des Grieux, "Werther" Werther, 2004 John Kasken "God's Liar", Kirchstetten Festival 2008 under P. Harnoncourt "Cenerentola" Don Ramiro, 2009 P Under Sherman, he has appeared in many productions, including Alfredo in La Traviata.

Elisabeth Lang , mezzo soprano

[Duke Orlovsky]

Born in Vienna. Studied at the University of Music in Vienna. Studied vocal music with R. Besh, C. Zaharia, and S. Yurinacchi. 1988-90 Belongs to the Opera Studio of the Vienna State Opera. Performed at the Vienna State Opera, Vienna Kammeroper, Wiener Neue Oper, Sydney Opera House, Villach, Ossiach and Rheingau Festivals. There are also many premiere performances of modern works by R. Bischoff, W. Wagner, A. Kuvicek, O. Zikhan, B. Sulzer. Trusted by G. Solti, P. Kogan, A. Fischer, etc. "Batman" Duke Orlovsky, "Cosi Fan Tutte" Despina, "The Marriage of Figaro" Cherubino, "Orfeo and Eurydice" Orfeo, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Hermia, "Albert Hering" Mrs. Haring, etc. , songs, and a large repertoire of religious songs. He teaches at the Vienna City Music School and the Vienna University of Music.

Iwona Sakowicz , mezzosoprano

[Duke Orlovsky]

Born in Białystok, Poland. Studied at the Vienna City Conservatory. Studied under W. Moore and A. Reynolds. Taught by R.Piernay, G.Johnson, A.Kirchschlager, J.Hamari, A.Murray, P.Hamburger and W.Holzmeier. Joined the Flanders Opera Studio in 2008. Finalist of the 2008 Elardo International Vocal Competition and the 2009 Bayreuth Competition. While still a student, she made her operatic debut at the Vienna Konzerthaus as the first witch in Dido and Aeneas. Since then, he has appeared in "The Marriage of Figaro" Cherubino, "Cosi Fan Tutte" Dorabella, "Dido and Aeneas" Dido, "Saint of Bleeker Street" Desideria, and "Alcina" Ruggiero. Electra in Baden-Baden and Munich with the Munich Philharmonic (conducted by C. Thielemann), Alcina in France with Ruggiero, Strasbourg with M. Gester, and St. John Passion in Vienna. ”, Pergolese “Stabat Mater” and continue to play an active role in various fields.

Heidi Wolf , soprano


Born in Germany. Studied at the Nuremberg Conservatory and the Karlsruhe College of Music, and was also taught by H.Zadek and E.Schwarzkopf. He belongs to the ensemble of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein and was in the Volksoper Wien from 2001-04. Performed at Vienna State Opera, Dresden State Opera, Hamburg State Opera, Leipzig, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Bremen, Bern, Graz, Strasbourg, etc. Story” Olympia, “The Bat” Adele, “Russian Tsar and Shipwright” Marie, “Rose Knight” Sophie, “Naxos Island and Ariadne” Zerbinetta, “Arabella” Fierker Milli. Concert tours in Japan and Europe, and performed with Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Hessian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, etc. Thielemann, de Billy, Soltes, Guttenberg, Reyer, Kuijken, Nemirova, Alexander, Tambosi, Himmelmann, Ackermann, Harnoncourt, Kobera and others trust him.

Mariana Garci-Crespo , soprano


Born in Mexico. At the age of 14, she made her Mexico City debut in CM Schoenburg's musical "Les Miserables" Cosette. After studying at the Conservatory of Music in Mexico, he moved to New York and studied at the Kent Conservatory of Music. After attending the University of Washington, she appeared in Bellevue Opera and Civic Light Opera in The Magic Flute, Queen of the Night, and Escape from the Inner Palace, Blonde. Appeared in W. Gilbert and A. Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance" Mabel, "Iolanthe" and "The Mikado". After studying under Britt Bern, he played an active role at the Orange County Opera in "Hoffmann Story", "Don Pasquale" Norina, "Lakmé" Lakmé. Since 2007, he has also appeared frequently at the Theater an der Wien, where he has performed with P.Domingo.

Alfred Berg, baritone

[Dr. Falke]

Born in Linz. He studied at the Bruckner Conservatory and the Vienna Conservatory, and studied under W. Kument and H. Zadek. "Don Giovanni" Don Giovanni, "The Marriage of Figaro" Count Almaviva, "La Bohème" Marcello, "Jester" Silvio, "Gianni Schicchi" Gianni Schicchi, "Hoffmann Tales" Lindorf / Coppelius / Dapertutto / Dr. Miracle, "Ariadne of Naxos" Harlequin, "Faust" Valentin, "Queen of Spades" Eretzky, "Dead City" Pierrot, "Wise Woman" King, "Batman" Dr. Falke, etc., Mahler "Song of the Wandering Youth" , Children's Magic Horn, and Schumann's Poet's Love. At the Munich Radio Orchestra conducted by U. Schirmer and the Munich Philharmonic Hall, he appeared in "The Land of Smiles", "Dr. In 2009, he performed as Dr. Falke on a tour in Spain and Portugal, which was very well received.

Guy Putz , baritone

[Dr. Falke]

Born in Luxembourg. After studying piano and singing at the music school in Wirths from the age of 8, he studied architecture in Paris and Vienna until 2003, and was a member of the Vienna Vocal Consort. Studied solo singing under T. Staudacher, and from 2005-08 studied opera under F. Lukasowski at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, and opera under Orlowski and Timer. In 2005, she made her operatic debut at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts studio in "The Wise Woman" Ousama. Vienna University of Music "Carmina Burana", "Telephone" Ben, 2007 Wien Schoenbrunn Palace Theater "The Bat" Dr. Falke, 2008 Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts Studio "Eugene Onegin" Evgeny Onegin, Martin "Jedermann" six Appeared in monologues, M. Murray's "Alcyone", Pele's "The Wedding of Pele and Thetis" at Kriegrach Early Music Week, etc. He has also been invited as a soloist in many operas, oratorios and masses with the Arnold Schoenberg Choir.

Klemens Slowioczek , baritone


Born in the Czech Republic. Studied at the Janáček Conservatory of Music in Ostrava, and performed in many Italian theaters while still a student. Signed a contract with the Ostrava National Theatre. Winner of the Prague Spring International Competition. In 1973, he studied under W. Felsenstein and was recognized for his talent, making his debut as Figaro at the Berlin Komische Opera. Over the next 30 years, he performed 58 different roles in the same opera, working for many years under the direction of director H. Kupfer. In 1979 he was awarded the title of court singer. "The Marriage of Figaro" Figaro, "Meistersinger of Nuremberg" Courtner, "La Bohème" Schaunard, "The Bartered Bride" Quetzal, "Don Giovanni" Leporello, "The Magic Bullet" Caspar/Cuno, "Rienzi" Orsini, "The Bat" Franck, "Cavalleria Rusticana" Alfio, "Fidelio" Pizzarro, "Rusalca" The Water Fairy, "The Barber of Seville" Bartolo, etc.

Jorge Nazrala - Favier , baritone


Born in Argentina. Studied piano at the Musikhochschule Cullo in Mendoza, piano teaching and singing at the Hochschule für Musikvien. He was also taught by I. Cotrubas, O. Widmer, T. Hampson, G. Opitz, and R. Turek. While still a student, he has been a member of the Concentus Vocalis, the Arnold Schoenberg Choir, and the Hugo Distler Choir. From 1991 to 1994, he was active in the Vienna Radio Choir Ensemble, and appeared in the Vienna Musikverein, Konzerthaus, Cologne Philharmonic, Buenos Aires Colón Opera, Salzburg Festival, etc. 2007 Vienna Arts Week, 2008 debuted at the Theater an der Wien with Luisa Fernanda (conducted by J. Caballer-Domenech, directed by E. Serge, co-starring P. Domingo and P. Petibon), etc.・Tutte” Guglielmo, “Don Giovanni” Don Giovanni, “The Magic Flute” Papageno, “The Marriage of Figaro” Count Almaviva, “Love Potion” Belcole, “Cenentra” Dandini, “The Barber of Seville” Don・A wide range of activities such as Bartolo, "Going to the Amelia Ball" husband, and "Otello" Yago.

David Ameln , tenor

[Dr. Blindt]

Born in Berlin in 1978. Raised in a family of musicians spanning three generations, he received music education from the age of four. Studied under A. Baldwin and later C. Bach-Röhl at the Rostock University of Music and Drama. While still a student, he performed concerts and appeared in many operas and operettas, and also increased his fame as an evangelist and song singer. In 2006, she won a prize at the Rheinsberg Castle International Chamber Opera Competition. Performed at the Schleswig-Holstein Festival. It has contracts with many theaters such as Berlin, Hamburg, Brandenburg, Lübeck, Gera, Kiel Rheinberg. In the 2007-08 season, he signed a long-term contract with the Leipzig Opera House Musical Comedy and appeared in many operettas and musicals. In the 2009-10 season, she will appear in the title role of the musical Candide at the Anhalt Theater in Dessau.

Franz Suhrada, actor


Born in Vienna. He studied at the Klaus Professor Theater School and has been active in many theaters and stages in the German-speaking world, including Volkstheater, Josefstadttheater, Volksoper, Ronacher Theater, Kammerspielen, Wiener Kammeroper, Raimundtheater, and Tribunetheater. Even in musicals, he played the leading role in "Don Quixote", "Man of La Mancha", "Anatevka", "Alexis Sorvas" and "Kiss Me Kate" and achieved great success. Freie Volksbuhne Berlin, Hamburg State Opera, Rostock Volkstheater, Dessautheater, Leipzigoper, Mannheim Nationaltheater, and has performed in operettas and musicals in Spain, the Czech Republic, and Japan. Popular. He has been highly acclaimed as a character actor on television, and has appeared in many drama series and movies, gaining tremendous popularity.

Ursula Szameit , dancer


Born in Vienna. Studied at the Vienna State Opera Ballet School and enrolled in the Vienna State Opera Ballet Company from 1971 to 2000. Since 1983, he has performed at the Jeunesse Ballet. Since 1998, he has also worked as a choreographer, and has been active in "Evenings for Young Choreographers" and the Vienna State Opera. He has participated in many performances both in Japan and abroad, and in 2004 he performed at the Vienna State Opera in Japan. In the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons, he appeared as a guest at the Wiener Volksoper. Since 2001, he has also been active in the language theater.

Dietrich von Grebmer, set designer

Born in Brunico, Italy. Majored in stage production at Mozarteum University Salzburg. After graduating, he worked as a stage set assistant at the Salzburg Festival, and was also active at the Zurich Opera and Leniner Platz in Berlin. Since then, he has continued to be active as a freelancer, working with B. Fassbender on the stage of "Arabella" at the Rhine Opera (Strasbourg) and "The Fledermaus" at the Hanover State Opera. active in the field. In 2006, he worked on Mozart's "Bastien and Bastienne" at the Vienna State Opera, and for three years at the Schönbrunn Palace Theater in Vienna, he worked on "Vienna Temperament", "The Bat" and "Little Birdseller".

Thomas Bottcher , choir master

Born in Lower Austria, Austria. At the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, he studied music education, instrumental music education, and conducting under Osterreicher, and composition under Gattermeyer. Choir of the Vienna Singakademie Choir, Assistant Choir Director of the Niederösterreich Youth Vocal Week, Vienna Neue Oper and Vienna Summer Opera as a co-repetitor/leader. 1990-96 Performed worldwide as conductor and pianist of the Vienna Boys Choir. From 1997 to 2002, he was a lecturer in the accompaniment department of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. In 1999, he was invited to Boston, Australia to teach. Since 2001, he has conducted choruses such as The Bartered Bride, The Italian Woman in Algiers, and The Magic Flute at the Klosterneuburg Summer Opera. Since 2000, he has been the 2nd choir conductor of the Vienna Volksoper. At the 2009 Steyr Festival, he was the artistic director of the musical "Comedian Harmonists" and the conductor of the same opera production department "Carmen".

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