Naoshi Ishikawa & Boston Brass

A solo project by Blast!'s No.1 drummer!

A competition between rudimental drums and American brass!!

Naoki Ishikawa & Boston Brass

Blast, the next-generation entertainment that has now captivated all of Japan! . Nao Ishikawa, a drummer who is also a core member of the band, will start a new project in 2010. As an overseas music entertainment show in Japan, Blast!, which boasts an astounding number of visits to Japan, will be taking a long hiatus after the 2009 summer tour. Meanwhile, Ishikawa's next project, Brass Entertainment, will be co-starring with Boston Brass. Performing more than 120 performances a year, the stage with Boston Brass, which has grown to become the core of the American brass scene, is expected to have a deeper musicality that is a little different from marching such as Blast!

Nao Ishikawa, who is the object of admiration for junior and senior high school students who want to play brass, aims to make a further leap by fusing with authentic American brass!

Naoki Ishikawa / Rudimental Snare Drummer

Born June 9, 1975 in Tokyo. In 1989, at the age of 13, he moved to Northbrook, a town in the suburbs of Chicago, USA. At the age of 14, he entered a local high school and started playing the flute in a brass band class. At the age of 15, he turned to percussion, began taking weekly private lessons, later joined a local high school orchestra, and was on the drum line in a marching band. In the summer of 17, he saw DCI (Drum Corps International) for the first time and was strongly inspired. In the fall of 1993, he entered the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He started studying music there, and at the same time started teaching local high school students. In 1995, he joined The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps on snare drum and won the team championship at DCI as well as the High Percussion Award (best percussion).

In 1996, he also participated in the DCI with The Cavaliers and won the snare drum solo category in his first appearance. In the same year, PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Convention) snare drum solo contest, second place in the first participation. In 1997, the transferred The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps won the DCI. At the same time, he won the High Percussion Award again. Second place in the snare drum solo category, which he challenged again. In the same year, he again participated in the PASIC snare drum solo contest and won.

In 1998, he started teaching in the Japanese marching/drum-co world. (Main teaching organizations: Yamato Drum and Bugle Corps, Soka Renaissance Vanguard, Tenriaicho Band, Tenrikyo Gakuen High School, etc.)

In 1999, he returned to the United States and entered the PASIC snare drum solo contest, winning again.

In 2000, after graduating from university, he joined blast and participated in a tour in the United States. In the winter of the same year, she performed with blast at the Royal Variety Show in England.

In 2001, he appeared in the percussion section of the blast and the opening of the NBA All-Star Game. In the spring of the same year, it entered Broadway. From May of the same year, he was selected as one of the snare drum soloists, and was entrusted with important parts, including the opening "Bolero". Later, he toured in the United States and appeared in the long-stay show "The Power of blast" at Disney Resort in California.

Participated in the blast Japan Tour from 2003 to 2005. At the same time as being involved in arranging part of the show, he is also responsible for organizing the group as a leader and giving guidance to other members.

In 2004, he taught drums to Hideyuki Nakayama at the "New Year's Hidden Arts Tournament" aired on New Year's Day. Compose a 5-minute performance and lead to a perfect score. From 2005 to 2007, appeared on the stage "Endless SHOCK" starring Koichi Domoto. In addition to teaching drums, he is also involved in the composition and direction of part of the show. Currently, in addition to performing in the club scene and co-starring with brass band, orchestra, jazz, J-Pop, etc., he continues to work regardless of genre, and also teaches stage performances such as Johnny's and Takarazuka Revue, stage composition, TV etc. While working in various fields, he is also focusing on training juniors, such as teaching marching band / drum corps in Japan. Since 2004, he has appeared in YAMAHA brand commercials.

In May 2007, he launched a stage show "Korabu" that incorporated the elements of marching/drum corps in Osaka, where he produced, composed/directed, instructed, and performed. In August-September of the same year, he appeared in "blast Japan Tour 2007". In August of the same year, he was entrusted with performing at the opening ceremony of the 2007 World Championships in Athletics in Osaka, as well as part of the composition and direction. In December of the same year, the Tenrikyo Gakuen High School Marching Band Club, which he continues to teach, won the national championship for the second consecutive year. Awarded Best Percussion for 3 consecutive years.

From January to February 2008, he appeared in "Endless SHOCK" for the 4th time. In May, he will start his first live concert, "Naoshi Ishikawa Solo Project Vol.1", inviting trumpet player Adam Rapa. Also in May, he performed with a percussion orchestra led by Doudou Nijae Rose, Senegal's first living national treasure, and Japanese drum player Shuichi Hidano. Also appeared as a special support artist in the entertainment show "Drum Struck" from North Africa. In August, he appeared as a special guest in the entertainment project "New Classic Gig in Japan '08" produced by multi-creator Hideki Matsui, who is a creative director, designer, and photographer. Performed with DJ Sugiurumn and m-flo's VERBAL. In September, Rittor Music released the instructional DVD "Drum Chou from the Basics".

In January 2009, they performed at Japan's first large-scale percussion festival "Rhythm & Drum Magazine Festival" sponsored by Rittor Music. From February to March, he appeared at "Endless SHOCK" for the 5th time. At the end of February, YAMAHA Music Media will release an instructional DVD "MR-DVD". In May, he decided to hold his own project "Solo Project Vol.2". Also appeared in "blast Japan Tour 2009".

Boston Brass

Boston Brass has been a sensation in the entertainment world for 25 years. From heart-pounding arrangements of classical masterpieces, passionate jazz standarddos to the original brass quintet repertoire, always fresh programs and humorous performances break through the formalities of classical music and captivate audiences of all ages. continue to The stage, where various styles of music are played freely with outstanding arrangements, is friendly and the best entertainment that will liven up an extraordinarily fun night.

He is active in a wide range of venues, including concert halls, jazz festivals, and school concerts, and performs more than 100 times a year. In addition to solo concerts with five members, he has performed with many ensembles such as orchestras, bands, and jazz bands. He has performed in all 49 states and 21 countries, including Eastman School of Music, Rice University Shepherd School of Music, Peabody Conservatory, University of North Texas, Royal Academy of Music, National University of Singapore School of Music. , Mahidol University (Bangkok) and other places around the world.

Boston Brass is active in many fields, not limited to performance activities. He also participated in VH1's (American television station) Save the Music program, and was a major contributor to the project, which raised over $100,000 in funding. He has been a lecturer and performer at the Midwest Clinic, the World Band Association, the National Conference of Music Educators events, the National Association of Brass Band Leaders Conference, the National Band Association, and the Texas Band Leaders Federation Conference.

He has appeared on several programs, including CBS and National Public Radio. He has also released various albums, most recently 'Latin Nights', featuring classic and jazz masterpieces by South American composers and featuring legendary drummers Steve Gadd and Talita Real. He has also released albums of classical songs by Shostakovich, Ginastera, Dvorak, Liszt, and Ya Gotta Try, featuring music by Horace Silver, Chick Corea and Dizzy Gillespie. Also released two Christmas CDs, <Christmas Bells are Swingin'> and <The Stan Kenton Christmas Carols>. Christmas concerts with a program that collects the best hits of these CDs are overwhelmingly popular every year.

2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Boston Brass. The 25 Fanfare Project, which premieres 25 fanfares by composers from various countries, premieres of new compositions and arrangements commissioned by Sam Pilafian, and collaborations with Miles Davis and Gil Evans in collaboration with Imeini Winds. Further activities are expected, such as the program <Spanish landscape> of the work.

Boston Brass Member

trumpet :

Jose Sibaja

José brings a high level of artistry, humor, and new personality to Boston Brass. Originally from Costa Rica. Studied at the New World School of Arts and University of Miami. He has performed with the Miami Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonietta de Caracas, and the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra, and has performed as a soloist with the Springfield Symphony, the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra, and others. He was also active in the South Miami Latin music scene and was a member of Ricky Martin's band for eight years. In addition to making over 150 recordings with Celia Cruz, Elvis Crespo, Franco De Vita and others, he has appeared and performed on numerous TV shows including the Grammy Awards, American Music Awards and MTV Music Awards. .

Jeff ConnerJeff Conner

He holds a Master of Music degree from the Boston University Graduate School and a Bachelor of Music degree from the Boston Conservatory of Music. Active as a soloist with the Boston College Symphony and the Salem Philharmonic. He has also performed at the Gretna Summer Festival, the New England Philharmonic, the Nashua Symphony, the Harvard-Radcliffe Chamber Orchestra, the Pierre Monteux Orchestra, the Boris Goldowsky Summer Opera Orchestra and the Empire Brass Symposium at Tanglewood. He was one of the founding members of the Boston Brass, and the driving force behind its rapid rise to fame.


Chris Castellanos

Born in Las Vegas. Studied at the University of Nevada and won the James Hanzinger Memorial Concerto Competition while attending school. He has performed as a soloist with the Las Vegas Philharmonic, and has performed with the Nevada Chamber Orchestra, the Nevada Wind Ensemble, the Las Vegas Jazz Connection, the Boca Sinfonia, and the Tad Wind Symphony of Japan. As a freelancer, he has performed in Las Vegas for some of the biggest names in shows - Frank Sinatra Jr., Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Peter Cetera, Peabo Bryson, Michael McDonald, Kenny, Sheena Easton, Robert Goulet. , Olivia Newton-John, Domingo, Pavarotti, Mannheim Steamroller, Yes, Josh Groban, Michael Bublé, Charlotte Church, David Foster, and has toured with Andrea Bocelli. Prior to the Boston Brass, he was a soloist with the Dallas Brass for six years and toured extensively. He has also performed in the popular Las Vegas show, The Phantom of the Opera.


Lance LaDuke

The newest member of the Boston Brass. He is also a solo euphonium player with the River City Brass Band and has taught at Duquesne University and Carnegie Mellon University. He holds a degree in Music Education from Michigan State University. After studying at the University of Akron and the George Mason Graduate School, he joined the US Air Force Band and has performed many times in Japan and overseas. He has performed with well-known brass groups throughout the United States and has participated in over 30 recordings, nine of which he has produced himself. Henry Mancini, Doc Severinsen, Morton Gould, E.G. Marshall, Morgan Freeman, Frederick Fennell and other celebrities have trusted him as a popular artist.


Andrew Hitz

He graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Tuba performance, studying with Rex Martin. He was an assistant to noted tuba player Sam Pilafian at Arizona State University. Since the seminar by Empire Brass at Tanglewood, he has been enthusiastically working on chamber music. He has performed with the National Orchestra Institute, the National Repertory Orchestra, the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and the New World Symphony. A young member with a dynamic style.

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