Dutch Wind Ensemble

Enjoy controlled and passionate performances

Beautiful sense of balance and dazzling colors

It has a sense of tension and warmth, like a sharpened knife.

A world of sound spectacles

It was formed in 1959 by the principal players of the Rotterdam Philharmonic, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Radio Sinfonietta Orchestra, the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, the Resident Orchestra, and the North Holland Orchestra. They are the next generation of excellent wind instrument players in the Netherlands.

Nowadays, his name has become widely known, and his performance style goes beyond conventional wisdom and attempts a revolutionary approach. They have a wide range of programs, and their unpredictable and adventurous music making has created a unique character for them.

For 25 years, they have given spectacular performances at the New Year's Concert held on January 1st at the Concertgebouw Hall, and since 1995, the performances have been broadcast on television. They use various formations depending on the piece, but the core of the ensemble is the octet, with Mozart and Beethoven octets forming an important part of their repertoire.

They have also released numerous CDs on the Phillips Label and Chandos Label, and their gorgeous performances have become a hot topic as a unique ensemble.

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