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Christian Lindbergh, a master trombone player and active composer, has finally made his debut as a conductor in Japan! Currently, he is leading the Nordic Orchestra, which is attracting the most attention in Northern Europe, on a tour of Japan. Super trumpeter OE Antonsen will be the soloist!

Founded in 1990, it is an up-and-coming orchestra that attracts the most attention in the Nordic countries. Since its inception, it has performed in a program that combines new music from Scandinavian countries, classical repertoire, and works for children.

He is also active in recording, working with the BIS label under the first conductor Niklas Willane, and enthusiastically recording works that have not received attention until then, and has received high praise internationally. . He has released CDs on Caprice, Phono Suecia, and Naxos, and has received rave reviews.

In just 14 years since its establishment, it has contributed more than any other orchestra to the spread of Swedish music to the world. Early collaborations with composers such as Brita Bystrm, Fredrik Hoogberg, Daniel Nelson and Jorgen Derfgaard have played a major role in the careers of these talented young composers. In addition, he has worked on commissions for famous composers such as Per Lindgren, Jan Sandström, Daniel Berts, André Chini, Karlin Lehnqvist, Henrik Strindberg and Hans Gefors.

In 1996, with the trombone concerto "Islands Islands" composed by Per Lindgren, he toured the UK at the Cheltenham and Exeter music festivals, achieving great success. Together with the London Symphony Orchestra, he has successfully completed an educational program based on Jan Sandström's Walberg Variations in Blackheath, a suburb of London.

He has commissioned works from jazz musicians such as Esbjörn Svensson and Jonas Natson, and has also collaborated successfully with renowned French-African world music leader Ray Lemma. "The Dream of the Gazelle", a commissioned work featuring a singer and composer playing piano, reached #4 on the World Music Charts.

We are currently working with the Conducting Department of the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm to give young talented conductors the opportunity to conduct an orchestra.

A noteworthy aspect of the Nordic Orchestra's activities is that it is constantly trying to reach new audiences. Through projects for children, they reach out to the younger generation, and the orchestra members themselves often grow through this. They care about young audiences and place emphasis on providing high quality, authentic music.

He also engages in cutting-edge efforts in music that transcends genres. In addition to jazz and world music, he is always taking on new challenges such as working with rock and folk music groups.

After seven years of its founding, which focused on young Nordic composers, it welcomed Christopher Warren-Green between 1998 and 2004 to strengthen its classical repertoire, including Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Mozart and Haydn. and raised the orchestra to a solid position.

In 2002, the legendary trombonist Christian Lindbergh became the conductor (Lindberg started his conducting career after conducting the Northern Sinfonia in 2000, which became a sensation), fusing contemporary music with Mozart and Mendelssohn. He conducted the program, and the compatibility between the orchestra and Lindbergh was outstanding. Today, Lindbergh serves as Principal Conductor of the Nordic Orchestra, with an ambitious program that combines timeless classical classics with contemporary music. He has transcended genres and spread the Nordic music scene around the world, collaborating with many world-class performers.

I will continue to keep an eye on the Nordic Orchestra. Although its career is young, it is an orchestra that breathes fresh breath into classical music and lets you taste the essence of music, led by the new principal conductor Christian Lindbergh.

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