Danish Odense Symphony Orchestra

The Odense Symphony Orchestra is one of five regional orchestras in Denmark and was founded in 1946, but its origins date back to around 1800. As a theater orchestra, it also performs symphonies, making it an outstanding contemporary symphony orchestra that continues to evolve while performing at a high level.

Based in the Odense Concert Hall, established in 1982. Many of the concerts were held in the Carl Niesenhalle, which has excellent acoustics, a capacity of 1212 people and 46 voices made by Marcussen & Søn, one of the world's preeminent organ builders. It has an organ.

Founded with 22 members, it has grown over the years and now has 73 permanent members. About 100 performances are held with a wide repertoire ranging from baroque to contemporary.

He has toured the United States, China, Germany, Greece, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, five times in Spain, and twice in the former Soviet Union.

The discography is extensive, with over 60 releases and is still being produced, and has won numerous awards. A song written by composer Peter Lieberson in 2007 was nominated at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

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