Ole Edward Antonsen & Wayne Marshall

Brilliant and gorgeous performance that enchants the listener

The two perform brilliantly from baroque to jazz.

A transcendent duo that expresses vividly

Antonsen has an outstanding sense of balance, extremely controlled technique, and a warm, colorful tone. He is building a steady career as a national star in his home country, Norway, and as a trumpet player who is currently playing an active role at the forefront. On the other hand, Marshall is a multi-talented organist, conductor, composer, and pianist who is good at improvisational performances. Both of them have received high acclaim as soloists for their concert tours in Europe and the United States and their collaborations with famous orchestras such as the Berliner Philharmoniker. They are attracting attention from all quarters for their energetic and fast-paced interactions. Its reputation in each country has always received the highest praise. In their first performance in Japan in February 1996, they showed their fine ensemble in classical music and their concentration to draw in the audience. Standard numbers were played out. Due to his ardent desire, he was invited again to the Suntory Hall 10th anniversary gala concert in the same year.

The stage where these two people, who are active on the road, enjoy and express their beloved music beyond the boundaries of genres, always leaves a deep impression and emotion.

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