Rosamunde String Quartet

A prestigious quartet based on Schubert's "Rosamunde"!


Agnes Schrem - Biabroda (Violin)

Thomas Terschou (Violin)

Jan Schrem (Viola)

Xavier Gagnupin (Cello)

A group of talented musicians who studied at the Paris Conservatory and graduated with Premier Prix awards. He also studied under the Viennese master E. Lehner, who was a friend of Schoenberg and Bartok, and furthered his studies. At the 1983 Evian International Competition, he won the unanimous jury award for the top prize in the contemporary music category and the international jury's special award. In 1986, they won the International String Quartet Competition sponsored by the European Broadcasting Federation held in Salzburg. It is highly acclaimed around the world as the "legitimate heir to the French string quartet." He has created many works for this orchestra, and premiered M. Reverdi's string quartet at the Bastille Opera in Paris in 1992. He also worked on the first recordings of R. Gagneau and P. Fenelon. A. Dutilleux's recording of ``Thus Nights'' has been praised by the composer himself as an exemplary performance.

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