Merbisch Lake Music Festival

A mecca for operetta that protects tradition and culture,

The world's first moving performance will be held in Japan! ! !

Near Eisenstadt, Austria, where the great composer Haydn was active, Lake Neusiedl is famous as a World Heritage Site.

The ``Mörvisch Lake Music Festival'', where a fantastic stage set up on the lake colors the summer, started in 1957 and is now the world's largest operetta festival, entertaining about 200,000 spectators every year.

The "Mörbisch Lake Music Festival Orchestra" was established in 1994 with Rudolf Biebl of the Wiener Volksoper, a leading operetta conductor, as music director. was also recorded on CD and received rave reviews.

A special project where you can enjoy the highlights of the Viennese operetta, a gem loved all over the world, in a concert style with singers and ballet.

A celebration of the operetta!

Mörbisch Lake Music Festival Seefestspiele Mörbisch

INTENDANT : Dagmar Schllenberger

Burgenland, the easternmost state of Austria, sits at the crossroads of Slavic, Hungarian and German-speaking regions, with a mix of ethnic cultures and creative peoples for centuries. I've been making a lot of talent.

Composers such as Franz Liszt and Josef Joachim were born here, and Karl Goldmark spent his childhood here. Among them, Joseph Haydn was born on the border of Burgenland and Lower Austria, and was very active as a conductor and artistic director under Eisenstadt (now the capital of Burgenland), Marquis Esterházy. Haydn's remarkable success has created the background for the region's importance in classical music to this day.

The famous Operetta Festival is held every summer on Lake Neusiedl near Eisenstadt. The "Mervisch Lake Music Festival" is famous for its fantastic stage set up on the lake. This music festival has been very popular since it started in 1957. Since 1996, it has attracted 200,000 visitors every year, making it one of the largest music festivals in the world.

The "Mörbisch Festival Orchestra" was established in 1994 by the members of the Vienna Waltz Orcehstra under the direction of Rudolf Biebl, a leading operetta conductor. I was playing at a music festival. In 2000, the name was changed to "Mervish Festival Orchestra".

J. Strauss "The Bat", Millecker "The Mendicant Student", Offenbach "Life in Paris", Zeller "Bird Vendor", J. Strauss "A Night in Venice", Lehar "Land of Smiles" performed at the Merbisch Lake Music Festival Many operetta performances such as this have been recorded on CD and have been highly acclaimed.

In addition to the Merbisch Festival, he has performed at the Vienna Klangbogen, Eisenstadt, and Innsbruck music festivals, as well as in Laxenburg, Kitzee, and the Musikverein in Vienna under the direction of Günter Pichler. has also been very well received.

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