Sloker Trombone Quartet

The 40th anniversary of the formation, the last tour in Japan!
Pioneer of the trombone quartet

photo, from left

Armin Bachmann

Branimir Sloker

Vasily Christoph

Georges Givicern

Reign as a pioneer of solo trombone and trombone quartet
Treasure of the brass world

The gorgeous and soft solo is the best among brass instruments, and the deep bass that envelops the music as an ensemble instrument... The quartet with 4 versatile trombones shows even more rich expressive power. It may be natural to do so. This ensemble, led by Branimir Sloker, continues to demonstrate this to the world. 40 years since its formation. This super ensemble is always in demand all over the world as a top ensemble while undergoing a change in members. In addition to its advanced technique and natural music, the most attractive thing is that it entertains you as entertainment. With transcendental technique and laughter, the audience's hearts are captivated and won't let go. The trombone and the charm of music permeate the hearts of all listeners.

The world's most famous quartet with the virtuosos he trained

A quartet formed by Branimir Sloker, a pioneer solo trombonist, by gathering his disciples who are active in prestigious orchestras. A huge repertoire from baroque to musical numbers, a perfect ensemble, natural music directly from Sloker, and a delightful production are the definitive edition of quartet entertainment!

Branimir Slokar

Born in Maribor, Slovenia, where he first picked up the trombone. After winning the 7th Yugoslavian Music Competition in Zagreb, he decided to pursue a career as a musician. After graduating from the Ljubljana College of Music in 1969 with the highest honors, he advanced to the National Conservatoire in Paris and graduated at the top of his class in a short period of one year. In 1974, he won many prizes, including the 23rd Munich International Music Competition. As a solo trombonist with renowned orchestras such as the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, he received a great deal of attention for his extraordinary musicality. For many years he taught at the Music Academy of Music in Bern, and is now a professor at the University of Music in Freiburg, where he has been active as a solo artist throughout Europe, the United States and Asia, and has served as a juror at international competitions in Munich and Geneva. Through many CD recordings, radio and TV appearances, he has received high acclaim around the world as a musician representing the trombone world.

Armin Bachmann

Born in Hildisrieden, Switzerland. He began playing the trombone at the age of 14, and soon won numerous awards at competitions, making a name for himself as a young virtuoso soloist and chamber musician. In 1983 he met the well-known soloist and educator Sloker, under whom he obtained a diploma in tenor trombone in Bern. Afterwards, he won a concert diploma in bass trombone at Trossingen University of Music with honors and made his debut as a bass trombonist in the already internationally successful Sloker Trombone Quartet. He also studied conducting under Albert Benz. He is active in prominent symphony orchestras and opera orchestras, and is active as a chamber musician and soloist in Europe, the United States, Japan, and other countries around the world.

Wassil Christov

Born in Haskovo, Bulgaria, he started playing the guitar at the age of 12. A year later, he started playing the trombone, and at the age of 14 he studied under Konstantin Takov at the Stara Zagora Conservatoire. In 1989, he received a teaching diploma and continued his studies under Professor Popov in Sofia. Joined the Acadia Youth Orchestra in Neuveville (Switzerland) on a scholarship. He then studied under Sloker at the Conservatoire in Bern, graduating with a concert diploma in 1993 and a soloist diploma in 1997. In addition to her educational activities, she is also active as a soloist with the Bern Symphony Orchestra. He has won prizes at international competitions in Bulgaria, the Berlin International Trombone Competition, Cita di Borcia (Italy) and Kerkrade (Netherlands). He is currently a lecturer at the Bern Conservatoire and a solo trombonist with the Bern Symphony Orchestra.

Georges Gyivicsan

Born in Oroskhaza, Hungary, he started playing the euphonium at the age of eight. At the age of 12, he studied trombone under Janos Krcsmi. In 1992, he entered the Conservatoire, where he studied under Professor Istvan Simon and won first prize in 1999. Two years later, he received a diploma and studied under Sloker at the Freiburg State College of Music. From 2002, he performed with the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra for two years, during which time he graduated from the Freiburg Music Academy. After that, he studied under Professor Sloker at the Music University of Bern. In 2003, he won the 1st prize at the Portia International Competition and received a lot of attention.

November 11 , 2011・Hamarikyu Asahi Hall concert commentary

Attractive stage with a variety of musical instruments

Not only is his technique excellent, but he also knows how to entertain the audience... On this day as well, one thrower started playing on stage, three people appeared from the door of the audience, and soon they were on stage. While taking in the performance, show off a brilliant and colorful sound...

For someone who has played the trombone, I can only describe how amazing it is that he always makes me feel the joy of music while performing techniques that are unthinkable for humans...

Responding to the thunderous applause, the encore exploded with the unique joy of the Sloker Trombone Quartet, which fuses transcendental technique and entertainment spirit at a high level! There was also an act in which the four performed singing, using alpenhorns, recorders and keyboard harmonica, and received great applause from the full audience.

Band Journal January 2012

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