Modetro Saxophone Ensemble

Modétro Saxophone Ensemble

©️Keiju Takenaka

Formed in 2021. "Modétro" is a coined word that combines "modern" and "rétro". It contains the idea that I want to cover the baroque to the present and convey its charm with the saxophone.

The saxophone quartet is a saxophone quartet that plays with the audience through time and space, demonstrating its excellent communication skills in outreach to convey the charm of music to children, and in concerts, it excites the audience with its wide-ranging repertoire and lively tales. In addition, the state of outreach was broadcast nationwide on TBS's information program.

"Realize" will be released from NAT in 2021.

2019/2019 (One Foundation) Region Creation/Public Hall Music Activation Outreach Forum Project Nagano Session Dispatched Artist. Reiwa 5/6 public hall music revitalization project registration artist.

◇ Soprano Saxophone


©️Keiju Takenaka

Born in Kanagawa prefecture. After graduating from Chuo University Faculty of Science and Engineering, graduated from Shobi Music College. Entered the Conservatoire Diploma Department at the same school.

Appeared for the second year in a row at the performance recommended by those who passed the audition while in the diploma course. The 27th Japan Classical Music Competition General category 3rd place (highest place). Received the 4th K Saxophone Concours Special Excellence Award. In 2017, he performed at the 21st Woodwind Division of the Yamaha Wind Instrument Newcomer Concert. Passed the 2018 Kawagoe City Talent Discovery Audition.

He will hold recitals in 2020 and 2022 and will be well received. In addition, he participates in concerts as an extra in orchestras and brass bands, appears in the media, and develops various performance activities.

Studied the saxophone under Masahiro Owada, the late Hiromi Hara, Masahiro Tamura, and Yuto Miyake.

Members of Vario Saxophone Quartetto, Lumière Saxophone Ensemble, Wind Works, and Tokyo Saxophone Orchestra.

◇Alto Saxophone

Go Nishida / Go NISHIDA

©️ Itaru Hirama

Born in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture. Graduated from Nagano Prefecture Komoro High School Music Department and Kunitachi College of Music.

Appeared in the university graduation concert, the Nagano prefecture newcomer concert, the Saxophone Association newcomer concert, and the Yamaha wind instrument newcomer concert.

Passed the "Orchestra Series", a project for nurturing up-and-coming musicians sponsored by the Japan Federation of Musicians. Performed as a soloist with the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor: Kentaro Kawase). Guest performances by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Gunma Symphony Orchestra, and the Tokyo Wind Orchestra. He also works as a lecturer at the brass band clinic sponsored by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and is also focusing on teaching young people all over the country.

In 2018, he appeared in "ONE PIECE ONEN" and successfully performed 28 performances at the Tokyo International Forum C Hall. Appeared in "FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri" and "Mezamashi Classics" as a member. In 2021, he will hold a solo concert in Kumamoto as a special event commemorating the original 1000th episode of the manga "One Piece". In addition to classical concerts, he has also performed in various fields such as film and stage music recordings and musicals.

Studied saxophone under Kazuyuki Hayashida, Yasushi Arai, Gentaro Koyama, Masato Kumoi, and chamber music under Keiji Shimoji.

Member of Norical and Tokyo Saxophone Orchestra.

◇ Tenor Saxophone

Nao Morita

©️Keiju Takenaka

Born in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. After graduating from Sayamagaoka High School and Kunitachi College of Music, Faculty of Music, completed master's course at Kunitachi College of Music Graduate School of Music.

Won the highest (2nd) prize at the 10th Yokohama International Music Competition, and won the 2nd prize and Chairman's Award at the 20th Great Wall Cup International Music Competition. In addition, he won the 2nd prize in the ensemble section of the Nagoya Saxophone Competition.

In addition to performance activities related to contemporary music, he has performed the premiere of new songs mainly at “Gendai Sozo TOKYO”, recorded orchestral and brass band works, and performed with a saxophone quartet.

Studied saxophone under Masato Kumoi, Kazuyuki Hayashida, and Kuninobu Bando. A member of Gendai Sozo TOKYO, Tokyo Saxophone Orchestra, and Saxophone Boys of Saxophone Quintet. Saxophone Major Lecturer at Star Musical Instruments Co., Ltd.

◇Baritone Saxophone

Ryo Kato

©️Keiju Takenaka

Born in Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture. Graduated from Showa University of Music. 2nd place in the 32nd Tochigi Prefecture Student Music Competition, 10th Tochigi Prefecture Brass Band Solo Contest Gold Prize and Grand Prix, JBA Kanto Koshinetsu Branch 8th Junior High School and High School Wind and Percussion Solo Contest Grand Prize, 30th Edogawa Ward Rookie Performance 51st TIAA All Japan Classical Music Concert Jury Award, 9th Sun Heart Ensemble Audition Excellence Award.

While still a student, he performed all over the country, such as "Mt. Fuji Kawaguchiko Music Festival" supervised by Yutaka Sado, TBS affiliated Internet radio "OTTAVA", and performances at prefectural and city halls.

Participated in the saxophone quartet "SAXIDEA" presided over by Kenichiro Muto, an international saxophonist. In 2019, he released "reborn" from NAT and was selected as a recommended board for the music magazine "Ongaku Gendai". In 2022, he was selected for a young musician support project in his hometown of Moka City, where he held a recital and gained popularity.

He studied saxophone under Kenichi Miyamoto, Kazune Shimada, Kenichiro Muto, and chamber music under Sumichika Arimura, Shogo Eimura, Takamasa Matsubara, Yoshihide Kiryu, and Kenichiro Muto. Masterclasses by Keiji Sosada, Alexandre Souillart and Fabrice Moretti.

Leader of the Tokyo Saxophone Orchestra. Yamano Gakki Saxophone Course Lecturer.

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