Tsunehito Nakai & Miwako Takeda Piano Duo

Miwako Takeda & Nobuhito Nakai, Piano Duo

Pianoduo Miwako Takeda & Nobuhito Nakai

The only piano duo in Japan and extremely rare in the world, both solo and duo have won prizes in competitions affiliated with the World Federation of International Music Competitions WFIMC. After graduating from the Tokyo University of the Arts and the Graduate School of Music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, the couple studied at the Salzburg Mozarteum Musikhochschule. Studied piano duo under A. Kontarski. Formed a duo in 1999, won a prize at the Murray Dranoff International Double Piano Competition (USA) in the same year, and started a full-fledged duo activity, starting with recitals in the United States for three consecutive days. In Japan, they have performed many piano duo recitals all over the country, and have received high praise, such as "A true duo that Japan is proud of and a musician of Eishun." He has released 6 CDs and has been selected as a record art magazine special choice and semi-special choice. The latest 3 CDs will be broadcast on the ANA international audio program. Appeared on NHK-BS TV "Meikyoku Tantei Amadeus", "Pia no Pia", and FM "Meikyoku Recital". Received the 2014 Takehiko Kurushima Cultural Award. In recent years, he has performed at music festivals in France and given many recitals in Germany and England, and was acclaimed in the newspapers with the highest-class words, "musical art that deserves the title of knight." He has also performed and taught at international music festivals in France, Korea and China. Both are Fukoku Seimei partner artists.

https://nakai-takeda.com (Website) https://twitter.com/nakai_takeda (Twitter)

Tsunehito Nakai: Studied in Germany as a DAAD scholarship student. 3rd prize in the Japan Music Competition, 2nd prize in the Brahms International Music Competition, Audience Award, 1st prize in the Senigallia International Piano Competition, chamber music prize, song accompaniment prize, 3rd prize in the Viotti International Music Competition '97 (Vercelli), Prague Spring International Music Competition Diploma, Mavi Marcotte International Piano Competition Highest Place. He studied under Morio and Mutsuko Tozawa, Susumu Umetani, Katsumi Ueda, G Opitz, and K=H Kenmarling. He has collaborated with many orchestras both in Japan and abroad, such as the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra conducted by G. Bertini and the Beethoven Piano Concerto Complete Concert (Italy) commemorating the 100th anniversary of W. Kempf's birth. A concert of all of Brahms' piano works (solo, duet, two pianos) was held. Released the CD "Brahms". Currently, Toho Gakuen University Piano Section Chief Professor, Nagoya College of Music Visiting Professor.


Miwako Takeda: All Japan Student Music Competition High School Division 1st place in Hokkaido, 2nd place in East Japan, 3rd place in Maria Canals International Music Competition, Special Jury Prize, 3rd place in Viotti International Music Competition '98 (Vercelli) In addition, he has won various awards at international competitions such as Palma d'Oro, Roma, Mazara del Ballo, Mavi Marcos and Ennio Polino. Studied under Hiro Murata, Kaori Mizuta, Katsumi Ueda, M. Huwenrieder, and A. Kontarski. Co-starred with Rai Italia National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Oradeaphil (Romania), etc. In his performance of Mozart, he was praised by Mr. I. Hebler and Mr. P. Lang, who are world authorities. Released the CDs "Miwako Takeda Playlist" and "Cantando Angelico". Lecturer at Ueno Gakuen University, Saitama Prefectural Omiya Koryo High School, and Toho Gakuen University Graduate School.

Official website http://nakai-takeda.com
Twitter http://twitter.com/nakai_takeda

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