Yuki Hasegawa

Yuki Hasegawa ,Conductor, Piano

Born in Tokyo. A pianist, conductor, arranger and producer who studied in Paris, Duisburg, Milan and elsewhere. Lives in Tokyo/Paris.

“ Yuki has great gestures and conducting skills that help her express her musical thoughts. She has a talent for quick adjustments and incorporating new musical and technical ideas . I have a deep knowledge and understanding of the music conducted by .

I really enjoyed teaching Yuki Hasegawa because of her passion and love for music, her relentless hard work and tenacity to achieve great results.

Yuki Hasegawa is a brilliant and passionate musician with great potential as a conductor. ”

-- Neeme Järvi, August 2021

While focusing on arranging and publishing music due to the corona crisis, he was the only Japanese finalist in the 2020 Nikisch International Conducting Competition (video screening), and was invited to the preliminary screening members of the competition in 2021. At the same time, he is working hard at Neme Järvi's Zoom conducting master class.

As a conductor, he has frequently performed as a conductor at the Japan Croatian Music Association's regular meetings, and at the 2019 Papandopuro Sinfonietta, he said, ``The content is wonderful, with nobility, romance, and folklore elements added. From the beginning, the performance unfolded in such a way that it could be played.” “It was full of energy, and the sense of neoclassical style was well expressed.” In Sorkocevic's symphony, he succeeded in conveying "charming melancholy (of the slow movement)" and "Italian brightness and a style that makes you feel somewhat charming" (both from Mr. Kyosuke Hasegawa's criticism).

The piano recital was described as "a very eloquent and three-dimensional impression that makes good use of dynamic playing techniques", and "each song brings out its own characteristics, and the piano as an instrument has a rich expressiveness that rivals that of an orchestra." It made me feel once again that there is something to be said about it.”

Fauré's cello sonata No. 2 at the recital of Aurélien Sablé, the principal cellist of the Paris Opera and his brother-in-law (acclaimed by "Ongaku no Tomo"), ex-Paris Orchestra. Performed Vierne and Granados violin sonatas on the CD recording of Jean-Pierre Lacourt, a troupe violinist. Other works by Castillon, Huon, Pilati, etc. are introduced in Japan. He has also been commissioned to arrange Pejacevic's works for flute quartet and two pianos.

As a chamber musician, he has performed with other principal members of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, the Turin Royal Opera Orchestra, and the Taiwan National Symphony Orchestra. In addition, a duo with flutist Mika Takeuji, who won three first prizes in Paris, and a piano solo sound source will be distributed.

He has won and won prizes in piano, chamber music, and conducting competitions in France, Italy, Austria (Brahms International), and Hungary. Completed majoring in piano at Kunitachi College of Music, studying chamber music at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, majoring in composition, writing law, orchestral law, and majoring in orchestral conducting at the Claudio Abbado Conservatory of Music in Milan. He also studied composition and writing at the Lyon Conservatoire. Since his school days, he has been appointed as the official pianist for orchestral events in both Japan and France. In recent years, he has been in charge of judges and public lessons at competitions.

Studied piano under Fujiko Yamada from an early age. After studying abroad, studied under T. Huillet in Toulouse, southern France, and Av Arnim in Germany for several years (produced an online course for both men in 2021 as a subsidized project by the Agency for Cultural Affairs). Chamber music by JP. Sablé (Concertmaster of the Paris Opera), E. Lesage, P. Meyer, orchestration by Messiaen's senior brother A. Louvier, composition by B. de Crepy, conductors by R. Rivolta and V. Renault Studied under others.

Received a "skills and talents" visa from the French government. Collaborating artist with Pro Arte Musice Co., Ltd. Member of IMRO/MCPS composer/arranger. https://yukihasegawa.com

(As of May 8, 2022)

Official website https://yukihasegawa.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/YukiHasegawaOnline/

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