Jorgen van Leijen Trombone Academy! !

Principal player of the prestigious Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

jorgen van ryen
Recruiting students for Trombone Academy! !
Since we have reached the capacity, we have closed the recruitment of students.
Those who wish to attend the lecture do not need to make a reservation in advance.
Please come directly to the venue on the day.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Attendance fee: 1,000 yen/day, 4,000 yen/6 days

Period : March 10 (Sun) - March 15 (Fri)

Venue: ”Salle Pavillon d'Or” Buffet Crampon Japan Co., Ltd. Multipurpose Hall

4-8-17 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0016 (3 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro "Toyocho" station)

Qualifications: Music college entrance exam level

Tuition fee: 55,000 yen [Private lesson 40 minutes x 3 times + 1 ensemble lesson] Limited to 12 people

*Please arrange your own pianist.

*English interpreter: Takashi Shinagawa (trombone player)

Attendance fee: 1,000 yen/day, 4,000 yen/6 days


Application: Pre-registration is required. Please apply to Pro Arte Musique.

Name (furigana), age, address, phone number, email address

Name of school or organization you belonged to, teacher you studied with, history of music (school you graduated from, etc.), songs taken (2 songs)

     Available slots (Please fill in as much as possible as we will coordinate with other students)

clearly stated,

① Telephone 03-3943-6677

② Email (← click here)

Please apply to

Reception period: Until Thursday, January 31, 2019 (closed as soon as the capacity is reached)

*We cannot accept cancellations or refunds after application. Please note.

Contact: Pro Arte Musice 03-3943-6677

★ Click here to apply for the special live on the 16th (Sat)!
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