[Super gorgeous night! ] Thanks to you, the 36.1st anniversary of Pro Arte New Year's GALA connecting to tomorrow✨

Pro Artemzique is coming

Special concert for one night only!

A New Year's GALA connecting to tomorrow

~ 36.1st anniversary of Pro Arte Musique ~

Pro Arte Musice Co., Ltd. celebrated its 36th anniversary in December 2021.

In commemoration of this, by affiliated domestic artists

The New Year's GALA concert will be held.

Please enjoy this special concert for one night only at the venue!

Same-day ticket sales, invitations, and payment on the day will start at 17:15 at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall.

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[Date and time]

January 13, 2022 (Thursday) 18:00 start (17:15 open)


Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

[Program (planned)]

・Vivaldi: From "The Inspiration of Harmony"

Concerto for 4 violins in B minor, Op. 3-10

・JS Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, 1st movement

・ Copeland: El Salon Mexico (2 piano version)


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[Ticket price]

All seats reserved

B ¥5,000, A ¥6,000, S ¥7,000, SS ¥8,000

Elementary, middle and high school 2,000 yen

Same-day ticket sales, invitations, and payment on the day will start at 17:15 at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall.

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[Ticket handling]

・Pro Arte Musice 03-3943-6677

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After purchase, you can enter with the QR code sent by email.

・Tokyo Opera City Ticket Center 03-5353-9999

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Pro Arte Musice celebrated its 35th anniversary on December 12, 2020. However, due to the effects of the new coronavirus, which is still prevalent worldwide, many concerts by domestic and foreign artists have been forced to give up after January 2020, and even now, overseas performers are still free to enter the country. I'm still in a situation where I can't. We have been thinking about what we can do in this situation and what music can do.

We have planned a one-night-only premium GALA concert where domestic artists who have shared history with our company will meet for the first time. Behind this is the pride of our concerts, which has continued to deliver a wide range of genres of musical instruments and performing arts centered on classical music, and our desire to provide hope for the future through music to everyone, regardless of the social situation. I have a strong desire to deliver.

We will deliver a classic GALA concert for everyone, by veterans who have supported the Japanese classical music world, and young elites.

[Listening point]

A gorgeous and valuable ensemble of strings, piano, voice, recorder, woodwind/brass, marimba, harp, and bandoneon by our artists, solo, and various formations and combinations that can only be heard on this day. You can enjoy it without

[Moderator decided! ]

Arisho Iida (classical music facilitator) will be the MC of the concert!

It has been decided that Mr. Yusho Iida, who devotes himself to the popularization of classical music every day, will act as MC and moderator for the "Ashita ni Tsunagu New Year GALA" concert!

In addition to working as a TV program and radio personality, as a writer and translator, she also plays the piano and toy piano at events.

Most recently, it attracted attention in the local report of the Chopin competition.

Together with Iida-san, who is currently the hottest and most versatile, we will liven up the New Year GALA that will lead to tomorrow!

Official website: https://www.music-facilitator.com

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arisa.iida.31

[Performers (in no particular order)]


Yukari Arai

Emiko Imagawa

Yumiko Okawa

Mari Kumamoto

Mitsutaka Shiraishi

Tsunehito Nakai & Miwako Takeda Piano Duo /

Pianoduo Miwako Takeda & Nobuhito Nakai

Yuko Hisamoto

Kenji Watanabe

◯ Bandoneon

Koji Kyotani

◯ Opera unit

cant cube

[tenor/Hayato Oki, baritone/Yosuke Takahashi, bass-baritone/Haruma Goto, piano/Shinnosuke Nagai]

◯ Violin

Mayuko Ishigami

Michi Sugiura

Takashi Nagamine

Satoshi Morioka

◯ Cello

Makito Nishiya

◯ Harp

Yo Saito

◯ Recorder

Toshiya Suzuki

Minoru Yoshizawa

◯ Flute

Ayuko Morioka

◯ Saxophone

Yasuto Tanaka

◯ Trumpet

Nobuyuki Takami

◯ Trombone

Naoaki Kato

Yu Tamaki

◯ Tuba

Masashi Kina

◯ Marimba

Mayumi Hama

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