jorgen van ryen

Principal player of the prestigious Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
The strongest soloist who fascinates listeners with his naturally rich music!

Jorgen van Rijen Photo: Marco Borggreve

Jorgen van RijenPhoto: Marco Borggreve

Van Rijen's virtuoso virtuosity is unparalleled in today's trombone world . (Gramophone)

Principal player of the prestigious Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, known as the "golden brass".

A virtuoso who excels in both modern and baroque instruments, he continues to fascinate a wide range of audiences by constantly pioneering new repertoires that challenge the possibilities of the trombone as a soloist in addition to performing in orchestras.


Jorgen van Rijen Joergen van Rijen , trombone

After studying with George Vigel at the Rotterdam Conservatory and graduating with honors, he studied Michel Becke and baroque trombone with Daniel LaSalle at the Lyon Conservatoire.

After serving as principal player of the Rotterdam Philharmonic, he has been principal player of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra since 1997.

He is also active as a soloist, and has captivated many audiences with his wide repertoire, from premiere works to existing songs. A virtuoso of both modern and baroque, he has performed as a soloist in Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, Russia, Singapore and Australia, with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Czech Philharmonic, the Rotterdam Philharmonic. He has performed with the Taiwan Philharmonic Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Swiss Romande Orchestra, the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, the Higashi Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to winning both the Toulon and Gepwiller trombone competitions, he has won the Dutch Music Award (2004) from the Dutch Ministry of Culture and the Borletti Buitoni Foundation Award (2006). The debut CD has received rave reviews from various quarters, such as, "Few trombonists have reached the level of van Rijen's excellence. Tone, dynamics, richness of color, musical understanding and expression, everything is outstanding" (Luister). bathed in

In addition to Theo Ferbey's trombone concerto commissioned by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Jakob TV, Florian Magnus Meier and others have also been composed for him. Commissioned Trombone Concerto for the first time. The premiere tour included The Hague Philharmonic, Oulu Symphony Orchestra and BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. The four movements were played with a sophisticated orchestra (The Times)”, etc., and received high attention. In the spring of 2017, he performed the world premiere of the Trombone Concerto composed for him by James MacMillan with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Yvan Fischer. After that, he performed in the United States, England, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan (Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra).

He teaches at the Amsterdam Conservatory and is also a visiting professor at the Royal Academy of Music. He is also widely active as an ensemble player such as New Trombone Collective, Royal Concertgebouw Brass, and Brass United.

Uses Antoine Courtois trombone. He has released 5 CDs from Channel Classics so far.


Trombonist Jorgen van Leyen

Jorgen van Leyen & Ben van Dijk/International Trombone Ensemble Ewaizen: from "a duet for our time"

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