Mnozil Brass

Overwhelming performance technique, stage of heartbreak
A perfect brass ensemble is the pinnacle of brass art!

organization 7 people
member trumpet

Thomas Gansch Thomas Gansch

Robert Rother Robert Rother

Roman Lindberger


Leonhard Paul Leonhard Paul

Gerhard Füssl

Zoltan Kiss


Wilfried Brandstötter

Thomas Gansch trumpet

One of the founding members of Mnozil Brass. At the time of its founding in 1993, Thomas was only 17 years old, but his ability was solid enough to be able to play with the Vienna State Opera Orchestra. However, Thomas eventually fell in love with jazz and is now one of Austria's most versatile trumpeters.

Jazz, classical and everything in between... this guy can play the trumpet. On stage, he's always on the move, and is the keyman to Mnozil Brasses shows, and on top of that he is a perfectly timed comedian.

His activities are wide-ranging, including many compositions for Mnotzil Brass and his own projects.

Trumpet Modell Ganschhorn in B Flat by Schagerl
Mouthpiece Bach 3b Megatone
Flugelhorn Modell Killer Queen in B Flat by Schagerl
Mouthpiece Bach 3c FL

robert rotor trumpet

Born in Melk, along the Danube, the same town as Thomas. No wonder they were both familiar with polkas, waltzes and marches from an early age. It was Thomas's father, who was a famous conductor, that passionately and strictly taught them this Austrian traditional music. It has been a cornerstone of the repertoire since the early days of Mnotzil Brass. Roberto's specialties are crying melodies. Just imagining him play is enough to bring tears to your eyes. Impossible beauty and impossible vibrato are the skills only Roberto can do. Contrary to Thomas, he hardly moves on stage. Instead, it brings a calm calmness to the stage.

Trumpet Modell Wiener Modell in B by Schagerl

Mouthpiece Warburton 3d/4 MD

Flugelhorn Modell Killer Queen in B by Schagerl

Mouthpiece Warburton 3 FL

roman lindberger trumpet

Roman came from a musical family. and from an early age, he played traditional Austrian music with his father and two brothers and became familiar with it. At such folk music events, the family would often run into Gerhardt's family. Because Gerhardt lived in a nearby village. Roman loves technical passages. Handle these with extreme precision and sophistication like a Swiss watch. Moreover, he is also a theorist who logically elucidates these passages. So if anyone wants to learn more about brass music, don't hesitate to ask Roman. Roman on stage is in charge of Latin music in love.

Trumpet Modell Roman Empire in B Flat by Schagerl

Mouthpiece Breslmair

Mouthpiece Bach FL 1 1/4C

Leonhard Paul Trombone

Born in Mödling near Vienna. Unlike the other members, he will be the only first musician in the family. However, his uncle is a painter, and he is so famous that his paintings are always displayed in every splendid house in Vienna. We've been a little worried about Leonhardt lately. Because he has a tendency to get more and more into shadowy roles. The other members are competing to play the role of the cool hero, but Leonhardt is the only one who doesn't participate in such a fight and willingly volunteers to play the role of the villain. is he okay

Trombone Modell Lito Fontana by Schagerl

Mouthpiece unknown brand

Basstrumpet Prototype in B Flat by Schagerl

Mouthpiece unknown brand

Gerhard Fussl Trombone

Born and raised almost next door to the Roman Lindberger family. Thanks to this, he grew up with a great interest in brass music with his father from an early age. The most popular person among the members. The reason is that he is the treasurer of the group. Yes, Gerhardt is the most virtuous, wonderful and noble person, what he says is absolutely correct. People respect him, treat him with respect, and he is kind to us (most of the time).

Schagerl Trombone Model "opus F"

Mouthpiece Giddings & Webster: E-1

Zoltan Kiss Trombone

One thing is for sure, Zoltan grew up completely unfamiliar with traditional Austrian music. Because he was born in Budapest, Hungary. On his way to Poland, Zoltan stops in Vienna and meets us. Since then, he has been very active as a quadlingual (blowing in four languages) trombone player. A popular game among the members is to hand over difficult scores to Zoltan and see if he can play it. But Zoltan always blows, and he does it very well! His technique often leaves even us stunned. We've made a bet on who and when will be able to compose a score that Zoltan can't play.

Tenortrombone Kissbone by Schagerl

Mouthpiece Lätzsch Zoltan Kiss Edition

Alto Trombone model "Aurora" by Schagerl

Mouthpiece Lätzsch Zoltan Kiss Edition

Wilfried Brandstetter Tuba

Wilfried's splendid musical career began with the recorder. Before long, he joined a boys' choir, and after transitioning to the violin and trumpet, he finally setteled on the tuba. Wilfried has nothing to do with speed being fast or slow. Life for him is like a slow flowing river. Therefore, he wants everyone who fills the concert hall to simply enjoy the low, soothing vibrations his tuba exudes. For Wilfried, it's hard to understand why so many people are absorbed in the dizzying high-range melodies.

F-Tuba 2260RA Modell Brandstötter Melton/Meinl Weston Mouthpiece Windhager

Mouthpiece Giddings & Webster: E-1

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