Affetti Musicalli

An early music ensemble formed in 1987 in The Hague, Netherlands.

The joy of playing music is conveyed through delicate and touching expressions.

Formed in The Hague, Netherlands in 1987. The name of the ensemble derives from the 1617 instrumental collection by Marinini, Affetti Musicali: Musical Feelings. In 1991, he won the 2nd prize at the 5th Early Music Ensemble Competition in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and participated in the Utrecht Early Music Festival, attracting a lot of attention. The repertoire focuses on the early Baroque such as Lula, Frescobaldi and Castello, as well as the late Baroque such as Telemann, Handel and Bach. His reliable technique and playing style have been highly praised by various newspapers, and his delicate and moving performance convinces listeners.

■Recorder Alejandro Mouguilansky

Born in Argentina in 1955. After studying at the Collegium Musicum in Buenos Aires, he studied under L. Meyrink and M. Roth at the Utrecht Conservatory. In 1987, he received a soloist diploma and formed Afetti Musicari.

■Violin Makoto Akatsu

Born in Tokyo in 1963. While attending Kunitachi College of Music, he studied baroque violin with Mari Ono and chamber music with Chitose Chitose. From 1987, he studied under S. Kuiken at the Hague Conservatory. In addition to this ensemble, he is also active as a member of Concerto Grende, La Petite Band, etc.

■Cello Maaike Roelofs

Born in the Netherlands. Studied with Bylsma at the Swerling Conservatory and with Lou Linden at the Bremen Academy of Early Music. Winner of numerous early music competitions. Participating in the EC Baroque Orchestra conducted by Koopman, he has performed in various places, including a European tour.

■Harpsichord Carmen Leoni

Born in Italy. Studied organ with Forni at Verona Conservatory and harpsichord with Gonzalez-Uruol in Spain. From 1990, he further studied under Och at the Hague Conservatory, graduating in 1993 with a soloist diploma. Currently, in addition to being a member of Afetti Musicari, he performs with La Petite Band and numerous orchestral ensembles.

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