Cotian String Quartet

Heavy poetry produced by a skilled quartet, the heavyweights of the Czech Kingdom of Strings...

A blissful moment where you will be captivated by the clear sound of strings


Pavel Hula (Vn)

Milos Černý (Vn)

Zbyniek Padolek (Va)

Vaclav Bernashek (Vc)

The Kocian String Quartet, like many Czech ensembles such as Smetana, Tallich and the Prague Quartet, was formed in the summer of 1972 by graduates of the Prague Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (AMU). Studied under Antonin Kohout, the famous cellist of the Smetana Quartet, and since 1975 has been known as the Kocian String Quartet, named after the violin virtuoso and teacher of theirs, Joraslav Kocian (1883-1950). It will be known. First violinist Pawel Hula is a pupil of Ms. Fraunova and has won prizes at the Cocian Competition and the Concertino Prague. Second violinist Miloš Černý is also active in the Czech Chamber Orchestra, Suk Chamber Orchestra, and Virtuosi di Praga. Viola Zbyniek Padolek studied with Jaroslav Motlik. Cello player Václav Bernaszek was trained by KP&M Sadlo. He is active in concerts and recordings with a wide range of repertoire, including Haydn's String Quartet Op. His first recording is attracting attention as a noteworthy activity.

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