Michael Masson

Principal, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra (Denmark)

A lyrical trombone player who has established an international style.

Michael Massong , trombone

Born in Germany in 1969.

Graduated from Saarbrücken Musikhochschule and Frankfurt Musikhochschule, Royal College of Music London, Juilliard School. Studied under John Iveson (Covent Garden Royal Opera House), Christopher Mowat (BBC Symphony Orchestra), Joseph Alessi (New York Philharmonic Principal). He also studied under legendary brass teacher Arnold Jacobs, professor at Northwestern University of Chicago, and Charles Vernon, bass trombone player at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

After serving as principal with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra and the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, his love for Scandinavian countries brought him to Denmark, where he is currently principal with the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra.

He regularly performs as a guest player with numerous orchestras around the world, including the London Philharmonic, the Liverpool Philharmonic, the Norwegian Bergen Philharmonic, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, the Deutsche Symphonie Berlin, the Luxembourg National Philharmonic, the Saarbrücken Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Cologne Opera, and the Soul Philharmonic. He is active as a soloist and clinician all over the world, and regularly holds solo concerts and master classes in Germany, Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Spain, Slovenia, the United States, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. He is an artist for the Bremen musical instrument maker Tyne. Together with Max and Heinrich Tein, he has developed a new tenor and alto trombone series (Universal Series), which has been very successful. In 2012, he plans to release his first solo CD "Lyrical Trombone" on the German classical label Doublinghaus & Grimm (MDG).

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