Roland Keller

Thoroughly researched music

Born in Germany in 1949. He studied with Jurgen Uhde at the Stuttgart University of Music, with Andre Perret in Geneva, and with Ludwig Hoffmann in Munich. 1971 2nd prize at the Viana da Mota International Competition in Lisbon. 3rd place at the Munich International Piano Competition in 1972 and 2nd place at the Busoni International Piano Competition in 1973. 2nd prize at the German Music Competition in Bonn in 1975. Since 1968, he has continued to perform in Germany and abroad. In 1979, he became professor of piano at the Lübeck University of Music, and in 1986 as professor at the Vienna University of Music. Currently, in addition to performing, he also gives lectures, seminars, and serves as a judge for competitions both domestically and internationally.

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