Vaclav Hudecek

A modern master who is internationally talented and proud of the Czech Republic!

His unique talent was recognized by Oistrakh, and he went to Moscow to study under him in 1970. Performed at the Prague Spring International Music Festival in 1972. He attracted attention by performing Tchaikovsky under the direction of Oistrakh. Since then, he has performed as a soloist with the Berlin Philharmonic and toured in Europe, the United States, and Japan, and has also appeared as a guest at many major music festivals, including the Salzburg Festival. Since 1984, he has also been a soloist with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. The vivid facial expressions and smooth, glossy tones give the impression of an overflowing breath of life. It's not hard to imagine how his violin has sent lightning down the spines of many audiences. In Japan, his national tour with Joseph Harla (piano) was very well received. Furthermore, when he came to Japan in 1996, he performed with the Janacek Chamber Orchestra, leading to a huge success in performing at 10 locations across the country. He is one of the most outstanding Czech musicians today, and is active mainly in Europe as a violinist following Suk.

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