Kuricorder Quartet

Kuricorder Quartet


Band Profile: Kuricorder Quartet


  • Masami Kurihara: Recorder, Pianica, Andes, etc.
  • Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi: Recorder, Percussion, Saxophone, Ukulele, etc.
  • Takero Sekijima: Recorder, Tuba, Mouth Harp, etc.

Formation: 1994

Overview: The Kuricorder Quartet is an instrumental band renowned for their eclectic repertoire and innovative performances. Widely recognized for their contributions to NHK E-tele's "Pythagora Switch," they have earned the affectionate moniker "Theme of Darth Vader with no motivation." Their discography boasts over 100 CDs, spanning diverse genres such as movie soundtracks, TV scores, stage productions, and commercial jingles.


  • 2014: Celebrated their 20th anniversary with a memorable concert at Suginami Public Hall.
  • 2015: Transitioned to a three-person formation, embracing greater flexibility in their musical collaborations.
  • 2015-2018: Initiated a cultural exchange project with five Southeast Asian countries, known as "Kuricoder & Friends," fostering artistic connections and collaborations.

Performance Style: The Kuricorder Quartet delivers captivating performances that transcend age and genre boundaries. From family-friendly concerts to rock festivals and classical events, they enchant audiences of all ages and backgrounds with their versatile musicality and infectious energy.

Recent Projects:

  • 2019: Released "ON AIR NHK RECORDINGS," a cover album featuring songs recorded by NHK, and "Heibon!," an original album marking their return after eight years, both of which received widespread acclaim and appreciation.

Legacy: With their dynamic performances and diverse repertoire, the Kuricorder Quartet continues to inspire audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary music scene.


Official website http://www.kuricorder.com/

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