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Rin Rin Ran Ra Ran, Harp Ensemble

Rin Rin Ran Ran Ran Harp Ensemble

This Quartet is a dynamic ensemble comprising four vibrant and talented harpists with a deep connection to brass band music. Formed on March 2, 2021, at Jaslack Keyaki Hall, the quartet brings together a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles, captivating audiences with their innovative approach to harp music.

Yo Saito (Leader): A distinguished harpist and composer, Yo Saito infuses his performances with warmth, novelty, and an open mind. With a rich musical background, including graduation from Tokyo University of the Arts and the Lausanne Conservatoire, Saito has been active in the music scene since his teens. His compositions have garnered acclaim, and he is an associate member of JASRAC. Additionally, Saito serves as the Director of the Japan Harp Association and is a respected judge in competitions such as the Japan Harp Contest and the All Japan High School Selection Brass Band Tournament.

SANAE (Sake Mirun): With a history of 2683 years in harp music, SANAE is Japan's leading electric harpist. Beyond genres such as pops, jazz, and rock, SANAE's versatility shines through in solo performances, recording sessions, composition, and arrangement. Her captivating performances have graced various platforms, from FM radio to anime soundtracks. SANAE graduated from Tokyo College of Music and continues to inspire audiences nationwide.

Harp Prince Harp Ouji (Fujichakurin): Enthralled by the harp's enchanting sound at the age of 16, Harp Prince Harp Ouji embarked on a journey to become a professional harpist. Graduating from Shobi Music College, he formed the ensemble [Stress Free] and expanded his musical horizons across classical, popular, contemporary, and Celtic genres. Embracing the motto of "[A harp that adapts to any environment]," Harp Ouji actively collaborates with various artistic fields, enriching the cultural landscape with his eclectic performances.

Moe Nakata (Mokorantan): Born into a family with a deep-rooted connection to brass band music, Moe Nakata discovered her passion for the harp at the age of 10 under the guidance of Yo Saito. With seven years of harp experience and currently enrolled in the second year of music high school attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, Nakata showcases her talent on the harp with finesse and grace. She continues to hone her skills under the mentorship of Mai Fukui and Reon Takano at "Geikou."

The debut song "Small Star Song (Cover) HARP ver." released in April 2021 exemplifies the quartet's innovative spirit, combining their love for harp music with their roots in brass band tradition. With each member bringing their unique flair to the ensemble, Small Star Harp Quartet promises to enchant audiences with their captivating performances and imaginative musical interpretations.

* Image drawing / Ran Sasaki (Pakauna)

*Recording / Tsutomu Okada (Okapi) & Assistant Midori (Dolly) ^_^/

Genre: Instrumental

Area of ​​activity: Earth, Japan, Tokyo, Rinrinranrara star, Suzuranrara star


Saito Yo Harp (Yo Yokorin)

SANAE Harp (Sake Mirun)

Harp Prince Harp (Fujichakurin)

Moe Nakata Harp

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