Linlin Ran Lara Alien

Rinrinranralian, Harp Ensemble

A harp band formed by four fun character harpists who are related to brass band. Debut song “Small Star Song (Cover) HARP ver.” Released on each distribution site in April 2021. Simultaneous release of the HARP sheet music appendix to the brass band version sheet music. ROCKET MUSIC ORG105 Yo Saito "Song of Little Stars" Harp Option This is a faithful reproduction of the sheet music. Formed on March 2, 2021 at Jaslack Keyaki Hall. Instruments used / Salvi: Minerva / Aoyama Harp: Saul / Camac: Bardic * Image drawing / Ran Sasaki * Recording / Tsutomu Okada

◎ Yo Saito Leader. Harp player and composer. 460,000 years of harp history. Pioneering harp music with warmth and novelty & open mind. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and its graduate school, Lausanne Conservatoire. Began professional activities in his teens, and in his 30s won 2nd place in the 3rd Japan Harp Competition. While active in classical music, he is active in the music scene of all genres. When he was playing the harp at a studio recording site, he was scouted as a composer. Since then, he has published his compositions and is an associate member of JASRAC. Director of the Japan Harp Association. Judge of the Japan Harp Contest and the All Japan High School Selection Brass Band Tournament.

◎ SANAE (universe name Sake Mirun) aims to blend in with the earthlings. 2683 years of harp history. Japan's leading electric harpist. Beyond genres such as pops, jazz, rock, and improvisation, in addition to solo activities, performance support, recording, composition and arrangement, FM personality, string instrument magazine for Miki Imai, Tamasaburo Bando, Mayo Suzukaze, Kaname Oki, Tomu Ranju Anime, etc. In 2016, she fascinated parents and children at the Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall Kodomo Mirai Music Program, which she wrote in a series of "Accord" columns. In 2020, he is active in a wide range of activities nationwide, including the Yomiuri Shimbun "Electric Harp Style" serialization. Album "HARP SHOCK (bomb-001)" Started playing the harp in the high school athletic brass band and graduated from Tokyo College of Music.

◎ Harp Prince Harp Ouji (universe name: Fujichakurin) At the age of 16, he touched the harp and was fascinated by the sound of the instrument, and decided to become a professional. Converted from euphonium, 100 million years of harp history. Graduated from Shobi Music College. After that, he formed the flute and harp unit [Stress Free] and expanded his activities all over the country as the harp prince. He performs a wide range of solos and ensembles, focusing on classical, popular, contemporary, and Celtic music. He also actively collaborates with various fields such as media, art, dance, musicals, theater, reading, and storytelling. [A harp that adapts to any environment] is our motto!

◎ Moe Nakata Moe Nakata (universe name: Mokorantan) was born into a family with a deep connection to brass band music. As of April 2021, 7 years of harp experience, 16 years old, 2nd year music high school attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. At the age of 10, he studied under Mr. Yo Saito and started playing the harp, and performed at the Molnar meeting of Ms. Atsuko Yoshino's disciple and the Japan Harp Association. Currently, she is studying under Mai Fukui and Reon Takano at "Geikou". 2020 32nd Japan Harp Competition Advanced Category 3rd Prize.


* Image drawing / Ran Sasaki (Pakauna)

*Recording / Tsutomu Okada (Okapi) & Assistant Midori (Dolly) ^_^/

Genre: Instrumental

Area of ​​activity: Earth, Japan, Tokyo, Rinrinranrara star, Suzuranrara star

Saito Yo Harp (Yo Yokorin)

SANAE Harp (Sake Mirun)

Harp Prince Harp (Fujichakurin)

Moe Nakata Harp

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