Call for request songs!!

The superstar of the trombone world! christian lindberg
Solo recital will be held!!

That genius soloist Christian Lindbergh will come to Japan again in January 2019. Following the last time, we are considering a program that responds to everyone's requests!

If you have a song that you want to hear, or want to play, please apply. 2 groups of 4 people will be invited to this concert by lottery from those who applied ♪ We are waiting for your requests.

■ How to apply

1. "Lindberg Request Song" on the subject
2. Name, phone number, e-mail address, request song in the text

Please fill in the above and apply by email. (Pro Arte Musice)

*For those who have won the lottery, we will inform you at a later date.

■ Application period


■ Performance information

Christian Lindbergh Trombone Recital

Piano: Mitsutaka Shiraishi

Date: January 29, 2019 (Tuesday) 19:00

Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall

Ticket release date: Scheduled for early September (will be announced on the website at a later date)

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