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J. Demus, K. Gekichi, Eima Ito Treasured sound source

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We use online services to deliver lessons, lectures, mini-concerts, and more!

Would you like to take this opportunity to experience music that transcends the region?

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Pro Arte Musique Kids Channel "Ouchi de Classic"

With the theme of "music from the eyes that is not taught at school", professional art music artists will enjoy the fun of music! I will give a lecture on ⭐️

It is a content that can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults 🎵

Please take a look at it with your family ✨

"The Surprising Truth" Mitsutaka Shiraishi's "You've Got Rhythm"

Knowing these rhythm differences will definitely change the way you listen to music! !

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Pianist Yukari Arai's Music Twinkle Twinkle

Please enjoy the piano that comes out in various colors with its ever-changing performance.

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Marimba 360 by Mayumi Hama

The marimba is similar in shape to the xylophone. It is an instrument that everyone is familiar with. We will explain how the marimba sounds are produced by listening and comparing them with experiments! !

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Mayumi Hama Marimba 360 Part 2

The second is a mallet feature! Let's experience how to hold a mallet together using chopsticks!

Also pay attention to the fast movement of the marimba! !

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A long-awaited fan! ! Pianist Jörg Demus now on sale!

A long-awaited fan! Super valuable sound source release including unreleased

Discover an unreleased take from the huge recordings left by the master!
In addition to Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, and his own small pieces.

We are selling digital music data of recordings left by the Viennese piano maestro Jörg Demus, who sadly passed away in April last year (2019) at the age of 90, at our online shop.
Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, Franck, Debussy and other repertoires that Demus specializes in, about 10 titles including unreleased takes are on sale, and more items are planned to be added as needed. .
I would like not only Demus fans but also classical music fans to enjoy the world of art that only Demus has achieved. It is offered at a reasonable price from 1200 yen to 1800 yen. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

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~Introducing part 1 products~ We have many other products besides this one! !

Unreleased sound source Damus Beethoven 4 piano sonata collection

Demus Beethoven 4 Piano Sonatas

A collection of four piano sonatas recorded by Demus, also known as a piano collector, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Beethoven's birth (1970). All of them are precious and live sound sources that are played by fortepiano. Recorded December 16, 1970 Bonn Beethoven Halle Piano used: Fortepiano

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WAV ¥1800
MP3 ¥1500

Unreleased sound source Demus Tokyo Live 2013

Demus Tokyo Live 2013

Unreleased first appearance sound source! Demus legendary performance live (2013 Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall) appeared. In addition to all 6 songs of the program starting with Waldstein, 2 songs from Schubert's music performance that were played in the encore are recorded as bonus tracks. You can enjoy all of the concert on the day of the performance. Recorded at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall on November 9, 2013.

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WAV ¥1800
MP3 ¥1500

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