Make special memories with your family! Free admission for elementary school students (children's appreciation experience support project)

Agency for Cultural Affairs Children's Appreciation Experience Support Project

Free admission for elementary school children and students under the age of 18

Under the influence of the new coronavirus infectious disease, many opportunities for children to appreciate and experience cultural arts at theaters, music halls, etc. are being lost. It is a performance that is implemented with the support of the Agency for Cultural Affairs to provide the appreciation and experience of
We invite children from 1st grade to 18 years old to the following performances.

① 6/27 (Mon.) Haydn Philharmonic Hamarikyu Asahi Hall Performance

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②6/29 (Thursday) Haydn Philharmonic Tokyo Opera City Performance

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③6/30 (Fri) Haydn Philharmonic Kariya Performance

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④7/1 (Sat) Haydn Philharmonic Performance at Kioi Hall

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⑤7/2 (Sun) Haydn Philharmonic Kioi Hall Performance

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⑥7/4 (Tue) Haydn Philharmonic in Osaka

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《Second recruitment application period》

・May 11 (Thursday) to May 31 (Wednesday), 2023

《Invitation target》

・ Elementary school students and under 18 years old (on the day of the performance)

《Not eligible for invitation》

・A companion aged 19 or over

▶️Purchase your tickets (You can purchase them on this page.)

・Preschoolers *Not allowed to visit

《Points to note when applying for an invitation ticket》

・Up to 2 tickets per person

・Seats cannot be specified

If your companion purchases a ticket, we will make every effort to ensure that the seats are close together.

・Please be sure to write the name of the school you are attending in the remarks column.

Please be sure to bring your ID card (student ID card, insurance card, My Number card, etc.) to confirm your age.

・Those who do not comply with the above may not be allowed to enter.

・This ticket is non-transferable

If the ticket is resold for more than the face value of the ticket, or if it is confirmed that the ticket has been exhibited or resold at an Internet auction, etc., the ticket will be invalidated and entry will be strictly prohibited.
・Personal information entered at the time of application will only be used for the operation of this performance.

We will not use it for any other purpose without your consent
・If it turns out that a person infected with the new coronavirus has left this performance, we may submit the personal information you have submitted in response to requests from the government, etc., in order to confirm the route of infection and prevent the spread of infection.

We will comply with relevant laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Act and manage the personal information we receive appropriately.

Inquiries about performances
Pro Arte Musice 03-3943-6677 (Weekdays 10:30-18:30)

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