A prestigious orchestra that boasts outstanding popularity in Vienna is coming to Japan!

Vienna Salon Orchestra

A prestigious orchestra boasting outstanding popularity in Vienna, the city of music.

An elegant sound colors the New Year!

Vienna Salon Orchestra

Salon Orchester Alt Wien

Formed in 1994 by members of the Vienna Volksoper Symphony Orchestra under Udo Zwölfer. The repertoire is very wide, including waltzes by the Strauss family, Lanna, Kreisler, Kalmann, Lehár, Stolz, arias and duos from famous operettas such as polkas, marches, and J. Strauss.

Zwölfer plays the violin and conducts in a traditional style reminiscent of J. Strauss, which fills the hall with an atmosphere full of happiness. He holds over 300 concerts a year in Vienna, boasting outstanding popularity.

Official website: https://www.musicofvienna.com/de/salonorchester-alt-wien.htm

Music Artistic Director & Concertmaster

Udo Zwölfer

Studied at the Vienna State Academy and the Vienna City Conservatory.

While still a student, he has performed many concerts with many famous artists, and has been active in various places in Europe, including Vienna, the United States, Asian countries, and Japan. In 1980 he became the first concertmaster of the Volksoper Wien. In 1994, he established the "Vienna Salon Orchestra" consisting of orchestral players belonging to the Volksoper Wien. Inaugurated as the first Music Artistic Director and at the same time as a concertmaster, he has successfully performed more than 5000 concerts in Austria and abroad.

Performance information


Date: January 5 (Sun) 15:00 start (14:30 open)

Venue: Yokosuka Arts Theater


S seat: 6,000 yen

A seat: 5,000 yen

B seat: 4,000 yen

Pair ticket (S seat): 11,000 yen

*Preschool children cannot enter.

Organizer: Yokosuka Arts Foundation

Contact: Yokosuka Arts Theater

Tel: 046-828-1602

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Date: January 8 (Wednesday) 18:30 start (18:00 open)

Venue: Numazu Civic Cultural Center Large Hall


New Year's gift: ¥2,000

University students and younger: ¥3,000

General: ¥5,000

Pair: ¥9,000

* New Year's gifts are available only for Pro Arte Musice

* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter

Organizer: Pro Arte Musique

Contact: Pro Arte Musique

Tel: 03-3943-6677

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* Credit cards can be used only for orders from HP

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Date: Friday, January 10, 19:00 (Doors open at 18:30)

Venue: Canola Hall (Okaya City Cultural Center Large Hall)


General: ¥4,000

Society member: ¥3,600

Elementary, junior high and high school students ¥1,000

* Pre-school children are not allowed to enter

Organizer: Kanora Hall (Okaya Cultural Promotion Foundation)

Contact: Kanora Hall (Okaya City Cultural Center)

Tel: 0266-24-1300

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Date: January 11 (Sat) 15:00 start (14:30 open)

Venue: Funabashi Civic Cultural Hall


General S seat: ¥5,500 Tomonokai member S seat: ¥4,500 Pair ticket S seat: ¥9,500

General A seat: ¥4,500 Tomonokai member A seat: ¥4,000 Pair ticket A seat: ¥8,500

A seat for high school students and younger: ¥1,000

*Preschool children cannot enter.

Organizer: Funabashi Civic Culture Hall

Inquiries: Funabashi Civic Culture Hall

Tel: 047-434-5555

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Date: January 12 (Sun) 14:00 start (13:15 open)

Venue: Ota Civic Hall Aprico Large Hall


General: ¥4,500 (online price ¥4,270)

With party: ¥7,500 (online price ¥7,120)

*Preschool children cannot enter.

Organizer: Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association

Tel: 03-5744-1600

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J. Strauss II: Overture from the operetta "Die Fledermaus", Beautiful Blue Danube, Emperor Waltz

R. Zietzinsky: Vienna, the city of my dreams

F. Lehar: "Closed Lips" from the operetta "The Merry Widow", etc.

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