[Thank you for all the applications❗️] 10/31 (Sun) Stefan Schultz (Bass Trombone) Online Open Lesson

For you who want to be a different you

Online Open Lesson 2021 Season 2

☆Thank you for waiting☆

Berlin Philharmonic bass trombone player

Stefan Schulz makes his first appearance !

On air at 18:30 on Sunday, October 31st at Digi Live !

It's okay if real-time viewing is difficult,

The archive will be delivered until 23:59 on Tuesday, November 30th ♫

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3 warm-up students,

We are looking for two master class students!

→Thank you for all the applications! The deadline has passed.


Stefan Schultz (Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra bass trombonist, World Trombone Quartet bass trombonist)

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Interpretation: under adjustment

[Lesson date and time]

Planned program:

Sunday, October 31, 2021 18:30-20:45 (planned)

18:30〜19:15 Greetings & warm-up session (group lesson)

19:15〜20:00 Master class ① (45 minutes)
20:00〜20:45 Master class ② (45 minutes)

*Times are approximate.

[tuition fee]

Master class: 8,000 yen / 45 minutes per slot * The order of attendance is not acceptable.

Warm-up: 4,000 yen/30 minutes, group lesson for up to 3 people

*If there are a large number of applicants, the instructor will select students. Thank you for your understanding.

* The first application deadline is 23:59 on Sunday, October 17, 2021 .

→The deadline has passed.

[Learned songs]

Master class: any piece of music

Warm-up: We will do the warm-up recommended by Mr. Schultz together on Zoom.

[Application Guidelines] *Please read carefully.

*Please check before applying.

① Those who have experience using Zoom meetings and can set the music mode by themselves

* Reference link: https://kagakucafe.com/2020090611158.html

② Those who can take the course in a room with a stable internet environment

Upload speed over 30Mbps .

Can be measured from fast.com . Click "Show details" at the bottom center of the screen.

Please check the numbers on the right side of the upload.

If you are in a room where you can secure a distance of about 2 meters between the instrument and the terminal, the performance will be delivered with better acoustics.

Those who have a large screen and a new recommended terminal as much as possible

A computer (Mac or Windows does not matter) or a tablet device such as an iPad. Newer models are preferable.

Smartphones (iPhone, Android) are also possible, but I think it's easier to take lessons with a larger screen.

It is recommended to use an external microphone (such as ZOOM Q2), as terminal microphones are often incompatible with the sounds of musical instruments.

④ Those who can provide a performance video of the song in advance

*Submitted only for master class students

Please submit files in MP4 format .

*Links uploaded to video sites such as YouTube are also acceptable.

Videos should preferably be within 12 months, and recordings of concerts are also acceptable.

⑤ Those who agree to appear in the video

Lessons (also sound check) will be live-streamed and recorded for sale . We will also use publicity videos and photos on our SNS.

We will send you a consent form after you apply for the course, so please submit it.

【Application method】

If you would like to attend, please fill in the necessary information and apply from the following.

* In the case of a large number of applications, the instructor will select students. Thank you for your understanding.

* The first application deadline is 23:59 on Sunday, October 17, 2021 .

Click here to apply for the master class!

Click here to apply for the warm-up course!

→The deadline has passed.

[We accept advance consultation]

If you have any questions about the course, please contact us via email or Zoom meeting.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us below!

Contact us from here!

[Lecturer Introduction]

Stefan Schulz,bass trombone

Changed from horn to trombone. Studied in Berlin and Chicago. From 1993 to 2002, he joined the Berliner Philharmoniker after working as a bass trombone player at the Berlin State Opera Orchestra. Between 1996 and 2002 he also performed with the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra.
Since the beginning of his career, he has also devoted a great deal of effort to education, and has taught at the Orchestra Academy of the Berlin State Opera Orchestra and the Hannover Hochschule für Musik-Theater Hannover. Since the summer of 2004, he has been a professor at the Berlin University of the Arts.
He has performed with many famous orchestras such as the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Hamburg Philharmonic, the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.
Also active as a chamber musician, he is a member of the Berliner Philharmoniker Brass Ensemble and is a regular guest with the German Brass. The Bourne Quartet" is formed and is attracting a great deal of attention.
He has collaborated extensively with composer and saxophonist Daniel Schneider, performing on premieres and recordings of his works and with the Daniel Schneider Trio.
He has premiered and recorded many works by composers such as Jean-Michel Defay, Niels Martinsen and Paul Lusas. In addition to "Haendel in Harlem" released from ENJA RECORDS, he has released three solo performance CDs from BIS, and plans to release a new CD at the end of 2021. .
I use the instrument of Antoine Courtois.

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