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trombone unit hannover

Trombone Unit Hannover

[caption id="attachment_28257" align="aligncenter" width="437"] (c) Nikolaj Lund[/caption]

Formed in 2008 when participating in the German Music Competition. It is made up of eight young trombonists who studied at the Hannover Academy of Music and Performing Arts, all of whom belong to Germany's top orchestras.

The members have won prestigious awards in German and international music competitions. He has won prizes at the ARD International Music Competition, the Kohn Lindbergh Competition, the Markneukirchen International Instrumental Competition, the Aeolus International Competition, the Prague Spring Competition, the German Music Competition, the Ernest Bloch Music Competition and the International Trombone Association competition.

Their musical values ​​are directed to chamber music performances such as trombone quartets, sextets and octets under the guidance of Professor Jonas Birnund for many years. His teaching methods transcended the conventional framework of teaching, which was born from his wealth of experience. The founding of the Trombone Unit Hannover can also be seen as a logical consequence of a very long pursuit of chamber music.

And the love of all music and the friendship between musicians is the decisive reason for forming the ensemble. After participating in the German Music Competition in 2008, their excellent abilities were highly evaluated, and they were able to receive a grant from the German Music Council. Since then, he has appeared in the German Federal Selected Concert by young artists. In 2011, the Trombone Unit Hannover participated again in the German Music Competition, where it was unanimously won by the jury as "the first and most unique trombone ensemble in its 36-year history". Since then, he has given numerous concerts at home and abroad.

Schleswig-Holstein Festival, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival, International Music Festival Bad Kissingen (Kissinger Winterzauber), Deutsche Radio Concert Series in Cologne, Festivals of the Federal Ministry of Finance Berlin and the International Trombone Association in Aarhus. did. At the Virtuosi Festival held in Recife, Brazil in December 2011, he appeared as a guest in three concerts and received enthusiastic reviews. One of them was with legendary trombonist Christian Lindbergh. In the fall of 2017, they held their first Asia tour, which was well received.

Once outside the orchestra, the trombone is still minor, but the nine members of the ensemble have embraced the role of the trombone in chamber music through their love of music, artistic expression and professional practice, and above all its authenticity. I have to let the world know. Already commissioned by Swiss jazz player Daniel Schneider, German violinist Jan Grembotski and trombonist Ricardo Moja, Austrian composer Georg Friedrich He premiered the Haas octet, followed by performances at the Donaueschingen Festival and the 2016 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Adapting to existing works while increasing the repertoire of new works is also one of the main goals of Trombone Unit Hannover. This would not have been possible without the presence of one of the members, Lars Karlin, who does a great job of arranging the trombone as a chamber music instrument.

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