NHK BS4K Classic Club "Tamas Varga Cello Recital" Broadcast Announcement

Tamash Varga

NHK BS4K "Classic Club"

Broadcast announcement

Our invited artists' recitals will be broadcast on "Classic Club"!

NHK BS4K "Classic Club"

Tamas Varga Cello Recital

Broadcast date: October 25, 2022 (Tuesday) AM 6 : 00-6 : 55 * Rebroadcast

Co-star: Mayumi Asano

Recording: July 1 , 2022 Hakju Hall

Program HP :

You can see the description on the homepage from one week before the broadcast date.

Please note that there may be unavoidable changes in the contents of the program due to emergency reporting.

So thank you for your understanding.

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