Eystein Borzvik

Pioneer of the tuba world, who has expanded the possibilities of the instrument called tuba!

Eystein Borzvik is a unique tuba virtuoso who has forged his own path as a soloist rather than as an orchestral tubist and teacher. As a soloist, chamber musician, lecturer and recording artist, his diverse activities have made him known throughout the world.

Born in Norway in 1966. He started playing the tuba at the age of 15, and after studying at the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, he worked with the renowned Harvey Phillips at the Indiana University School of Music, and the legendary Arnold P. Studied under Jacobs. His international career began in 1991, when he was awarded two prizes in the Tuba section of the Geneva International Music Competition.

He has performed with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra, National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra Singapore, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Suisse Romande Orchestra, and Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition to performing with orchestras, he has performed in famous halls around the world, and made his debut at Carnegie Hall in 2006. Bortswick's masterclasses and clinics are also very popular, and he has been invited to the Juilliard School, Indiana University, Cleveland School of Music, Rice University Sheppard School of Music, and the University of Wisconsin. His performance activities are wide-ranging, not limited to solo and orchestral works, but also in the fields of jazz and rock. Collaborating with rock musicians is one feature of his diverse activities.

While pursuing the multifaceted possibilities of the tuba, he actively commissions new works from composers in the United States, Russia, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland. So far, he has premiered about 40 solo works. In recent years, many tuba works require newer techniques, so he devotes himself to developing new techniques. In 1999, in recognition of these achievements, he was awarded a two-year scholarship from the Norwegian State.

He is also active in recording, and many CDs including BIS label have received generous compliments from various quarters. In the last two years, in the wind instrument CD market in Japan, it has always boasted top-class sales numbers, and its rapid progress shows no signs of slowing down.

As a major criticism of him, the Daily Telegraph wrote, ``His emotional talent for recording, along with his ear-catching, stately sound, has liberated the tuba from its unfair reputation. Polish music magazine Ruf Mzyczyny (Music Trends) commented on Ralph Vaughan Williams' performance of the Tuba Concerto, saying, "Many pianists and violinists appreciate his You should learn the tuba for at least a year with and you will definitely get the ideal phrasing.” Furthermore, composer John Williams said, "Bortzwick's performance in my concerto far exceeded my intended wishes."

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