Mirko Ludwig (first tenor)

Yo Pan Yo Holzworth (second tenor)

Christoph Boehm (baritone)

Zenke Tams Flyer (bus)


Quartonal stands as Germany's foremost male a cappella ensemble, captivating audiences with their expansive repertoire and advanced performance techniques that meticulously attend to the intricacies of musical structure. Their defining feature lies in their flawless harmony, transcending the confines of diverse musical genres.

The four members received their initial musical training at the Juthersen Boys Choir and the Hamburg New Boys Choir. Following the formation of Quartonal in 2006, the group swiftly garnered acclaim, securing the first prize in the Vocal Ensemble category at the German International Choral Competition in Dortmund. Since then, they have clinched numerous awards at various international competitions.

Beyond Europe, Quartonal has graced stages in Taiwan and China, while also participating in esteemed festivals such as the Schleswig-Holstein Festival, the Stuttgart Festival, the Rheingau Festival, and the MDR Musiksommer. Their repertoire spans epochs and cultures, encompassing Renaissance madrigals, romantic and contemporary pieces, international folk songs, and, notably, German folk tunes.

Meticulous in their arrangements, Quartonal collaborates with renowned composers and arrangers to create innovative works. Their debut album "Another Way" in 2013 and "Everytime A Capella" in 2017, released under Sony Classical, have garnered significant attention, solidifying their position as leading figures in the realm of a cappella music.


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