Mirko Ludwig (first tenor)

Yo Pan Yo Holzworth (second tenor)

Christoph Boehm (baritone)

Zenke Tams Flyer (bus)

Quartonal is Germany's best known a cappella male voice. He has captivated audiences with his wide-ranging repertoire and advanced performance techniques that pay attention to the details of the musical structure. Their greatest feature is their perfect harmony that transcends the boundaries of various genres of music. The four received their first musical education at the Juthersen Boys Choir and Hamburg New Boys Choir respectively. Immediately after the formation of Quartonal in 2006, she won first prize in the Vocal Ensemble category at the German International Choral Competition in Dortmund, and has since won numerous awards at various international competitions. In addition to performances in Europe, Taiwan and China, he has performed at festivals such as the Schleswig-Holstein Festival, the Stuttgart Festival, the Rheingau Festival and the MDR Musiksommer. The repertoire spans a wide range of eras and international a cappella works, including Renaissance madrigals, romantic, contemporary, international folk songs and, of course, German folk songs. In addition, he is particular about arrangement and has created works in collaboration with internationally famous composers and arrangers. In 2013, he released his debut album "Another Way" and in 2017 "Everytime A Capella" from Sony Classical, attracting attention.

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