Spanish Brass


An enthusiastic Brass Quintet, presenting Spanish music with the highest quality and entertainment! !

Exemplary techniques, heart-wrenching stage performances, they are the perfection of ensembles and are the pinnacle of brass music!




Spanish Brass

organization brass quintet

Carlos Veneto Grau (trumpet)

Juanjo Serna-Salvador (trumpet)

Manolo Perez-Ortega (horn)

Indalatio Bonet-Manrike (trombone)

Sergio Finca Quiros (tuba)

“One of the best brass quintets in the world, alongside Empire Brass, Canadian Brass and American Brass Quintet.” (Greg Alley)

“One of the most exciting and artistic brass quintets in recent years...a brilliant and spectacular performance” (International Trumpet Guild Journal)

“Amazing ensemble power, established the highest standard of brass ensemble” (Maurice André)

"I can't think of a better quintet in the world than them." (Christian Lindbergh)


In 1989 five Spanish musicians founded Spanish Brass. they quickly rose to fame around the world for their groundbreaking projects performances, educational endeavors and creative collaborations. In 1996, they won first prize at the Narbonne International Brass Quintet Competition, one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. they are among the best winning teams since then."

In 2017, they won first prize at the Bankia Music Talent Award in Spain as the most influential musicians.

they were given hundreds of performances worldwide, including the Great American Brass Band Festival, New York Brass Conference, Juilliard School, Ithaca University, Festival Radio France, Granada International (Dance) Festival, Lucerne. Music Festival, Jeju Summer Festival (Korea), Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival (Germany), National Auditorium (Madrid), Catalan Music Hall (Barcelona), Calabria Festival (Greece), International Horn Society , Merano Brass Festival, Trento Philharmonic (Italy), Barcelona Auditorium, Festival de Inverno de Brasília and many other famous festivals and concert venues.

With a diverse program and state-of-the-art production, Spanish Brass 25 Years!, Metàl lics , Brass Brass Brass, Brassiana , Make a Brazz Noise Here , Les Aventures de Monsieur Jules , Metalls d'Estil I create shows such as Released 25 CDs including DVD.

Spanish Brass also offers state-of-the-art music education, with the National Youth Orchestra of Spain, the National Youth Orchestra of Catalonia, Valencia, Andalusia, Madrid, Hong Kong Performing Arts Academy Trumpet Lounge, Showa University of Music, Reeksa Brass Week, Eastman Music. He has also given lessons and masterclasses at schools such as the University of Georgia, Dartington International Summer School, Brasilia International Winter Music Festival and Ibero-American Cultural Festival.
He is also involved in the SBALZ Festival in Alzira and Spanish BrasSurround as a core member.

With support from Buffet Crampon, he uses B&S trumpets, Hans Heuer horn, Antoine Courtois trombone and Melton Meiner Weston tuba.

Institut Valencià de Cultura and Ministerio de Cultura-INAEM are also their sponsors.


Carlos Benetó Grau (trumpet) (Tip.)

Born in Villanueva de Castellón, Valencia. Started studying music at the Lilla Castellonense Conservatory in Villa Nova de Castello, Valencia, with teachers João Olivertu and Ermenegildo Rosa. Studied at the trumpet performance course (Carcassien Mestra Berto Conservatory, Valencia Special Conservatoire), where he studied under Salvator Alberto, Vicente Platz, and Manuel Lopez, and later became a member of the Royal Academy of Madrid under José María Orti. Graduated from the conservatory.


Juanjo Serna Salvador ( trumpet )

Born 1970 in Albusek, Valencia. Studied at the Valencia Conservatory under Vicente Platz, José Salvador and Manolo Lopez. Then, at the National Conservatory of Music in Madrid, he entered the class of José Orti and received an Honorary Award for Advanced Studies. In 1987, he joined the Spanish National Youth Orchestra. and he had regularly performed with symphonic orchestras such as the National Orchestra of Spain, the Radio Orchestra of Spain, the Madrid Symphony Orchestra, Euskadi, Canarias, Cadaqués. Former Granada City Orchestra solo trumpet player.


Manolo Pérez Ortega ( Hr .)

Born in 1971.

At the age of 8, he started studying music in his hometown of Valencia, Guadasuar. After that, he studied under Maestro Bertou at the Karkaschen Conservatory. Later, he studied under Joaquín Vidal, Enkara Grau, José Ruzei and others at the Joaquín Rodrigo Conservatory of Music in Valencia. He later graduated from the same conservatory with an honorary award. From 1990 to 1993, he furthered his studies at the Versailles National Conservatoire under Daniel Burg, graduating with first prize and gold medal. He has performed with members of the National Youth Orchestra of Spain, the Orchester de Granada City, the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, the Madrid Symphony Orchestra, and the Lura Orchestra.


Indalecio Bonet Manrique ( Tb .)

Born in Villarreal, Castellón, He started his musical journey under his father. and later studied under Joaquín Vidal and Juan Bautista at the Valencia Special Conservatoire. and later, at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, he entered the class of Pille Millière. He graduated from the Valencia Conservatoire with Honorary Awards for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Courses and with the First Prize for the Conservatoire National de Musique de Paris.


Sergio Finca Quirós.- ( Tub .)

Born in Oviedo in 1979, started studying music at the age of 11. Studied at the Oviedo Conservatory Intermediate Course under Prof. David Moen (Asturias Symphony Orchestra tuba player). Later, he furthered his studies at Bordeaux and the Peripignan Regional Conservatory. He unanimously won the highest honor medal of the City of Bordeaux. At the joint competition of the Lyon National Conservatory and the Paris National Conservatory, she unanimously won the Excellence Award and the Higher Education Diploma. Studied with Mel Culbertson, Arnaud Boukitin, Rex Martin, Roger Bobo, Harvey Phillips, Arnold Javes, Gene Pokorny, Jens Bjorn Larsen and Michel Godard. 1999 Austrian International Competition, 2000 Czech Brno International Competition Winner.

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